Hammonton 39,

Pennsville 33

Hammonton 62,

Latest Video

Riverside 15

Hammonton 39,

Winslow Township 28

at Hammonton duals

106-H forfeit; 113-Vaughn McFerren H (1-1) p. 1:52 over WT, Billy Boyle (0-1) against P; 120-Scott Figueroa H (2-1) d. 1-0 over WT, md. 14-5 over R; 126-Austin Figueroa H (3-0) p. 2:09 over R, d. 4-1 over P, p. :43 over WT; 132-Marcos Alers H (0-1) against WT, LJ Struble H (1-1) md. 11-2 over R; 138-Matt Bumbera H (1-1) p. 1:44 over R, Struble (0-1) against WT; 145-Logan Fiorentino H (2-0) p. :29 over R, d. 10-6 over P, Bumbera H (0-1); 152-Fiorentino H (0-1) against WT, Mark Seybold H (0-1) to P, Rob Angelli H (1-0) won by forfeit to R; 160-Kellen Whitney H (2-1) won by forfeit to P, p. 2:44 over WT; 170-Jeff Picariello H (2-0) p. 1:21 over P, p. :31 over R, Jack Hartman H (1-0); 182-David Williams H (3-0) won by forfeit to R, p. 1:16 over WT, p. 1:14 over P; 195-Brandon Beebe H (2-0) won by forfeit to WT, R, Gio Castaneda (1-0) won by forfeit to P; 220-Lenny Habinowski H (1-1) won by forfeit to R, Beebe H (1-0) won by forfeit to P; 285-Bobby Frederico H (3-0) won by forfeit to WT, R, d. 4-1 over P.

Records-Hammonton 9-4.

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