Howell 52,

Lacey Township 15

106-Nick Ciaccia H p. Jacob Meimin :26; 113-Jimmy Slendorn H d. Ben Mrozinski 9-5; 120-Anthony Piazza H d. Connor Garrity 3-2; 126-James Powderly LT d. Nick Braiuca 6-4; 132-Josue Pierre-Louis H d. Nick Vecci 3-2; 138-Ben Esposito H md. John Moynihan 19-7; 145-Anthony Pozsonyi H by forfeit; 152-C.J. Schaefer H p. Cody Alvarez 3:28; 160-Joey Schultz H p. David Paprota :24; 170-Luke Fernandez LT p. Mike Christie 2:36; *182-Nathan Litowsky H by forfeit; 195-Stephen Boncimino H by forfeit; 220-Patrick Schinder LT p. Nick Wiemken 3:25; 285-Joe Sportiello H d. Ray DiBenedetto 3-1.

Latest Video

Moorestown 36,

Lacey Township 28

106-Max Rohan M p. Anthony Datello 1:11; 113-Ben Mrozinski LT p. Eric Smith 1:36; 120-Connor Garrity LT p. Zach Nice 2:29; 126-Kyle Brandt LT md. Shayan Bhutta 10-0; 132-Nick Vecci LT Joseph Inglis 6-3; 138-John Menendez M p. Andrew Garrity 5:06; 145-Walter Fox M d. John Moynihan 5-2; 152-Matt Opacity LT p. Anthony Ehrline 1:#1; 160-William Mason M p. Cody Alvarez 4:21; 170-Anthony Williamson M d. David Paprota 12-6; 182-double forfeit; *195-Eli Etienne M by forfeit; 220-Patrick Schinder LT d. Tyreek Smith 9-3; 285-James Dever M p. Ray DiBenedetto 1:51.

Lacey Township 39,

Burlington Township 30

106-Joseph Zalot BT d. Anthony Datello 14-10; 113-Ben Mrozinski LT p. Jonah Montemore 1:20; 120-Sebastian Arroyo BT d. Connor Garrity 6-1; 126-Kyle Brandt LT d. Davante Giles 4-0; 132-James Powderly LT by forfeit; 138-Andrew Garrity LT p. Christian Smith 3:47; 145-Connor Quinn BT d. John Moynihan 4-3; 152-Matt Opacity LT p. Logan Amey 1:22; 160-Nicholas Conway BT p. Cody Alvarez 1:51; 170-Matthew Senni BT p. David Paprota 1:01; 182-Luke Fernandez LT p. Michael Steve :40; 195-Zachary Hobson BT by forfeit; *220-Gerard Bornemann LT by forfeit; 285-Luis Carreras BT d. Ray DiBenedetto 3-0.

Record-Lacey 4-4.

*Match began

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