Mainland Regional 63,

Holy Spirit 18

At Mainland

106-Patrick D'Arcy HS p. Justin Bishop 2:31; 113-Kevin Callaghan MR won by forfeit; 120-John DiNofrio MR won by forfeit; 126-Brendon Islinger MR won by forfeit; 132-Justin Walsh MR won by forfeit; 138-Garrett Ewing MR d. Joe Treen 11-7; 145-Ed Sooy HS p. Austin Amato 2:38; 152-Nick Giunta MR won by forfeit; 160-Colin O'Hara MR p. Daniel Ramirez 5:59; 170-Timothy Lenzsch MR p. Timothy Moylette 2:20; 182-Kolin Roberts MR won by forfeit; 195-Eugene Tartaglione MR won by forfeit; 220-David Evans Mr won by forfeit; 285-Ray Ellis HS won by forfeit.

Records-Mainland 2-2; Spirit 0-4.

Mainland Regional 34,

Barnegat 33

At Mainland

106-Justin Bishop MR d. Jeffery DeLuise 6-2; 113-Nick Fogarty B p. Frank Trifiletti 1:14; 120-John DiNofrio MR p. Devin Durante 2:07; 132-Joe Mandara B d. Justin Walsh 6-2; 138-Garrett Ewing MR d. Ethan Tonnesen 12-5; 145-Ed Santolla B p. Nick Giunta 0:55; 152-Ed Santiago B p. Austin Amato :45; 160-John Fitzpatrick MR md. Chris Stoma 15-2; 170-Tim Lenzsch MR d. Gregory Schmalz 9-2; 182-Kolin Roberts MR p. Kevin Hoffman 1:30; 195-Eugene Tartaglione MR p. Max Lombardo 4:49; 220-Matt Frigon B won by forfeit; 285-Zachary Andrews B won by forfeit.

Records-Mainland 2-2; Barnegat 4-3.

Seneca 35,

Mainland Regional 33

At Mainland

106-Nick Waugh MR won by forfeit; 113-Isaac Padilla S d. Justin Bishop 3-0; 120-Frank Trifiletti MR d. Vincent Saluga 4-0; 126-Geoffrey Lake S md. John DiNofrio 13-1; 132-Justin Walsh MR p. Alex Funches 1:46; 138-Brandyn Bush S d. Garrett Ewing 10-3; 145-Kyle Umbehauer S p. Austin Amato 1:25; 152-John Fitzpatrick MR p. Aidan McDaniel 1:22; 160-Ricky Robbins S p. Colin O'Hara 5:57; 170-Tim Lenzsch MR p. Vince Altimari 2:00; 182-Quinn Ruble S md. Kolin Roberts 8-0; 195-Jimmy Glass S d. Eugene Tartaglione 6-1; 220-David Evans MR won by forfeit; 285-Tim Will S won by forfeit.

Records-Mainland 2-2

Barnegat 29,

Woodstown 27

At Mainland

106-Patrick Higgins W tf. Jeff DeLuise 16-1; 113-Nick Fogarty B d. Zach Kirkendoll 5-3; 120-Devin Durante B d. Jose Alcantar 7-1; 126-Javon Mancio B d. Kohl Mathis 11-5; 132-Joe Mandara B d.Mike Lynch 5-1; 138-Ethan Tonnesen B p. James Lodge 3:30; 145-Patrick McCurdy W md. Ed Santolo 14-2; *152-Wes W d. Ed Santiago 7-2; 160-Chris Stoma tf. Dakota Gomeringer 20-5; 170-Greg Schmolz B p. Max Pryzwara 4:00; 182-Jale Gomeringer W d. Kevin Hoffman 9-7; 195-Connor Champion W p. Max Lombardo 3:30; 220-Cylas Dorety W d. Matt Frigon 10-4; 285-Todd Batten W d. Zach Andrews 2-0.

Records-Barnegat 4-3.

*Match started at this weight

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