Mainland Regional 50,

Oakcrest 21

106-Justin Bishop MR won by forfeit; 113-Frank Trifiletti MR p. Gavin Chai 1:30; 120-John Dinofrio MR d. Miles Townsend 4-3; 126-Tommy Velez MR md. Nasjir McCoy 18-9; *132-Connor Stabile O md. Justin Walsh 12-4; 138-David Cohen MR won by forfeit; 145-Garrett Ewing MR md. Matthew Tull 16-5; 152-John Fitzpatrick MR p. Justin Mitchell 1:56; 160-Zach Ewing MR p. Chris Heitzer 1:54; 170-Tim Lenzsch MR d. Liam Barry 12-8; 182-John Benard O tf. Can Roberts 17-2, 5:05; 195-Eugene Tartaglione MR p. Scott Snowden 3:29; 220-LaQuan Brown O won by forfeit; 285-Connor Dindak O won by forfeit.

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*Match began at this weight

No. 9 Millville 68,

Oakcrest 4

106-Forand M p. Gavin Chai 2:57; 113-double forfeit; 120-Toranson M md. Miles Townsend 12-0; 126-Clements M d. Nasjir McCoy 4-2; 132-Connor Stabile O md. Kahn 11-1; *138-John Dywer M won by forfeit; 145-Keith Mahoney M p. Matthew Tull 3:26; 152-Rivera M p. Justin Mitchell 2:57; 160-Soto M p. Chris Heitzer 1:26; 170-Everly M d. Liam Barry 8-3; 182-Colon Rivera M won for forfeit; 195-Shockley M d. John Benard 7-2; 220-Call M p. LaQuan Brown 3:35; 285-Demary M p.Connor Dindak 5:04.

*Match began at this weight

No. 9 Millville 45

Mainland Regional 21

106-Justin Bishop MR md. Josh Forand 11-2; 113-Joham Garcia M p. Frank Trifeletti :45; 120-John DiNofrio MR md. Zach Foranson 9-1; 126-Frankie Clemens M d. Tommy Velez 8-6; 132-Justin Walsh MR d. Joe Heaton 13-8; 138-Keith Mahoney M won by forfeit; 145-Garrett Ewing MR p. John Dwyer 2:31; 152-Rico Rivera M d. John Fitzpatrick 7-6; 160-Sean Platt M d. Zach Ewing 10-8; 170-Tim Lenzsch MR md. Jose Soto 13-2; 182-Javier Colon-Rivera M p. Eugene Tartaglione 1:14; 195-Ed Shockley M p. Mike Kennedy :55; 220-Obie Kali M won by forfeit; 285-Fred DeMary M won by forfeit.

No. 5 Clearview Regional 63,

Oakcrest 13

106-John Seybold CR p. Gavin Chai 1:15; 113-Zach Firestone CR won by forfeit; 120-Ron Mestichelli CR d. Miles Townsend 11-4; 126-Mike Vanbrill CR won by frofeit; 132-Rob Wittman CR p. Connor Stabile 1:00; 138-Madden CR won by forfeit; *145-John Vanbrill CR p. Matthew Tull :55; 152-Ed Lenkowski CR p. Justin Mitchell 4:58; 160-Joe Sindoni CR p. Chris Heitzer 1:40; 170-Conor Donahue CR p. Liam Barry 2:19; 182-John Benard O md. Vince Testa 13-5; 195-LaQuan Brown O d. Zach Stecler 7-6; 220-Sies Holland CR won by forfeit; 285-Connor Dindak O won by forfeit.

*Match began at this weight

No. 5 Clearview Regional 67,

Mainland Regional 9

106-John Seybold CR p. Justin Bishop 3:54; 113-Zack Firestone CR p. Frank Trifiletti 2:45; 120-Ronald Mestichelli CR d. John DiNofrio 9-4; 126-Nichael VanBrill CR p. Tommy Velez :52; 132-Robby Wittman CR p. Justin Walsh :34; 138-John Vanbrill CT won by forfeit; 145-Henry Eisenhart CR p. Austin Amato 5:48; 152-Edward Lenkowski CR md. John Fitzpatrick 12-4; 160-Connor Donahue CR p. Zach Ewing :27; 170-Tim Lenzsch MR d. Joe Sindoni 6-2; 182-Vincent Testa CR p. Kolin Roberts 3:49; 195-Eugene Tartaglione MR p. Zackery Stecher 5:59; 220-Marshall Muldoon CR won by forfeit; 285-Siefuddiyn Holland CR won by forfeit.

No. 5 Clearview Regional 44,

No. 9 Millville 24

106-John Seybold CR d. Josh Foranan 7-0; 113-Zach Firestone CR md. Joham Garcia 15-0; 120-Zach Goranson M d. Roanld Mestichelli 5-0; 126-Michael Vanbrill CR p. Frankie Clemens :42; *132-Rob Wittman CR p. Chad Kahn :39; 138-John Vanbrill CR p. John Dwyer 1:38; 145-Keith Mahoney M d. Henry Eisenhart 11-8; 152-Edward Lenkowski CR p. Sean Platt 4:42; 160-Connor Donahue CR d. Rico Rivera 3-2; 170-Joe Sindoni CR p. Jose Soto 3:28; 182-Vincent Testa CR d. Javier Colon-Rivera 8-3; 195-Ed Shockley M p. Zach Stecher 1:23; 220-Obie Kali M p. Marshall Muldoon :53; 285-Fred DeMary M p. Stefuddiyn Holland 4:57.

Records-Millville 9-2, Mainland 4-8, Oakcrest 3-6.

*Match began at this weight


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