Mainland Regional 66,

St. Joseph 9

106-Justin Bishop MR p. Eric Fallon 3:44; 113-Frank Trifiletti MR won by forfeit; 120-John DiNofrio MR won by forfeit; 126-Brendon Islinger MR p. Nick Santore 5:27; 132-Justin Walsh MR p. Alex Barbone 4:54; 138-Garrett Ewing MR won by forfeit; 145-Austin Amato MR won by forfeit; 152-Nick Guinta MR won by forfeit; *160-Colin O'Hara MR p. Jesse Hutwagner 1:56; 170-Christian LaFragola SJ d. Tim Lenzsch 12-6; 182-Silvio Maione SJ p. Kolin Roberts 3;33; 195-Eugene Tartaglione MR won by forfeit; 220-David Evans MR won by forfeit; 285-double forfeit.

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*Match began at this weight

Schalick 34,

Mainland Regional 33;

Mainland Regional 40,

New Egypt 30;

New Egypt 51,

St. Joseph 15;

Schalick 56,

St. Joseph 9

106-Nick Waugh MR (1-0) won by forfeit S, Bishop MR (1-0) won by forfeit NE; 113-Bishop MR (1-0) d. 2-1 S, Trifiletti MR (1-0) md. 10-0 NE; E. Fallon SJ (0-2); 120-DiNofrio MR (1-1) won by forfeit S; 126-Islinger MR (1-1) p. 1:49 NE; Santore SJ (0-1); 132-Walsh MR (1-1) d. 10-7 S; Santore SJ (0-1), Barbone SJ (0-1); 138-Ewing MR (0-1); Barbone SJ (0-1); 145-Ewing MR (1-0) d. 5-2 NE, Amato MR (0-1; Nick Trotz SJ (0-2); 152-Amato MR (1-0) d. 9-4 NE, John Fitzpatrick MR (1-0) p. :35 S; Logan Laughlin SJ (0-1); 160-O'Hara MR (0-1), Victor O'Farriel MR (0-1); Hutwagner SJ (2-0) d. 7-6 S, d. 9-7 NE; 170-O'Hara MR (1-0) won by forfeit NE, Roberts MR (1-0) p. :32 S; LaFragola SJ (2-0) won by forfeit S, won by forfeit NE; 182-Roberts MR (1-0) p. :32 NE, Lenzsch MR (1-0) d. 5-2 S; Maione SJ (1-1) p. :10 NE; 195-Tartaglione MR (1-1) p. 5:13 NE; 220-Evans MR (0-2); 285-not contested.

Records-S.J. 4-22, Mainland 8-18.

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