No. 9 Millville 46,

Middle Township 21

106-Josh Forand M p Conrad Park 3:08; 113-Ronray Harris MT p Joham Garcia 2:33; 120-Kenny Dale MT d Zach Goranson 3-0; 126-Joe Heaton M p Patrick Williams 3:56; 132-Brandon Curtis MT d Chad Kuhn 17-10; 138-Ruben Delgado M tf Tyrell Hebron 18-2; 145-Keith Mahoney M p Jacob Kershaw 1:30; *152-Rico Rivera M d John Mallett 7-0; 160-Jose Soto M p Jake Canter 2:58; 170-John Mooers MT d Connor Dixon 7-5; 182-Javier Colon-Rivera M p James Loftus :29; 195-Ed Shockley M tf Harry Wozunk 15-0; 220-Obi Kali M d Jason Sierra 3-2; 285-Jason Viola MT p Fred DeMary 3:24.

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*Match began at this weight

No. 9 Millville 52,

Penns Grove 18

106-Josh Forand M p Devonte Rattray 1:30; 113-Joham Garcia M won by forfeit; 120-Darrian Brooks PG d Zach Goranson 4-3; 126-Joe Heaton M md Gain O'Connell 14-4; 132-Chad Kuhn M p Anthony Verdecchio 1:03; *138-John Evans PG p Ruben Delgado 1:15; 145-Keith Mahoney M p Jackson Baker 5:20; 152-Rico Rivera M p Tristen Erney 4:11; 160-Jose Soto M p Tykreere Miles 4:33; 170-Craig Ransome PG d Connor Dixon 10-5; 182-Javier Colon-Rivera M p Antwan Pierce 3:09; 195-Nick Elmer PG d Ed Shockley 6-4; 220-Isaiah Coppage PG d Obi Kali 3-2; 285-Fred DeMary M won by forfeit.

*Match began at this weight

Middle Township 40,

Penns Grove 26

106-Devonte Rattray PG won by medical default over Joey Curtis; 113-Joshe Rhile MT won by forfeit; 120-Darrian Brooks PG md Ronray Harris 16-6; 126-Kenny Dale MT md Gain O'Connell 12-3; 132-Brandon Curtis MT p Quinton Williams 1:40; 138-John Evans PG d Jake Kershaw 12-9; *145-Trayvon Blake MT d Jackson Baker 10-5; 152-Jake Canter MT p Tristen Erney 2:18; 160-John Mallett MT d Tykeere Miles 11-10; 170-Craig Ransome PG p John Mooers 3:36; 182-James Loftus MT p Antoine Pierce 3:53; 195-Nick Elmer PG p Harry Wozunk 1:06; 220-Isaiah Coppage PG d Jason Fierra 6-2; 285-Jason Viola MT won by forfeit.

Records-Middle 6-3, Millville 13-2.

*Match began at this weight


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