No. 2 Southern Regional 51,

No. 10 Buena Regional 19

106-James Knoeller SR won by forfeit; 113-Luis Rivera BR md. Frank Amiano 8-0; 120-Pat Mooney SR p. Sal Marandino 1:12; 126-Billy Ward BR p. Andrew Tonneson :31; 132-Zach Wilhelm SR p. Chaz Bramble 2:56; 138-Jake Campana SR md. Travis Thompson 13-3; 145-Dillan Berghof BR d. Nick Racanelli 8-3; 152-Erik Kretschmer SR won by forfeit; 160-Chris Serpico SR tf. Tyler Maldonado 19-3, 3:58; 170-Gerardo Jorge SR p. Hugo Maldonado :47; 182-Cory Case SR p. Mike Reid 1:27; 195-Connor Case SR p. Nick Sherman 1:51; 220-Nick Caporale BR won by forfeit; 285-double forfeit.

Latest Video

No. 2 Southern Regional 64,

Williamstown 4

No. Southern Regional 31,

Raritan 23

No. 10 Buena Regional 55,

Williamstown 12

106-Knoeller SR (2-0) p. 1:39 W, p. :51 R; 113-Chris Crane SR (1-0) tf. 15-0, 2:45 W, Amiano SR (0-1);Rivera BR (1-0) d. 6-1 W; 120-Mooney SR (1-1) d. score unknown; Rivera BR (1-0) sv. 7-5 W; 126-Tonneson SR (0-2);Ward BR (2-0) d. 4-2 (OT) W; 132-Wilhelm SR (2-0) tf. 17-0, 5:45 W, md. 14-5 R;Bramble BR (1-0) p. 2:40 W; 138-Campana SR (2-0) md. 13-1 W, d. 5-1 R;Thompson BR (1-0) d. 6-4 W; 145- Racanelli SR (2-0) tf. 18-3, 5:56 W, d. 6-4 R;Jarett Pierotti BR (1-0) p. 1:29 W; 152-Kretschmer SR (1-0) p. 1:32 W, Serpico SR (1-0) d. 14-8 R; Mason Brestle BR (1-0) md. 14-2 W; 160-Jorge SR (2-0) won by forfeit W, d. 3-2 R;Scott Piwowski BR (1-0) won by forfeit W; 170-Cor. Case SR (1-1) p. 4:30 W;Maldonado BR (0-1); 182-Pat Ferraro SR (1-0) p. :52 W, Con. Case SR (1-0) won by forfeit R; Reid BR (1-0) won by forfeit W;195-Con. Case SR (1-0) won by forfeit W, Pat Ferraro SR (0-1);Sherman BR (1-0) won by forfeit W; 220-Jesse Bauta SR (2-0) p. :47 W, d. 4-1 R;Caporale BR (1-0) d. 6-5 W; 285-Ty Warren BR (1-0) won by forfeit W.

Records-Southern 10-5, Buena 11-1.

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