Oakcrest 51,

Overbrook 24

106-Gavin Chai Oa by forfeit; 113-Nick Robillard Ov by forfeit; 120-Joshua Gilger Ov d. Miles Townsend 4-3; 126-Ryan Swift Ov by forfeit; 132-double forfeit; 138-Warren Reilly Oa d. Salvatore Engelke 14-11; 145-Brian Sutcliffe Ov p. Harlin Colon 1:59; 152-Justin Mitchell Oa p. Anthony Cruz :53; 160-Christopher Heitzer Oa by forfeit; 170-Liam Barry Oa by forfeit; 182-John Benard O p. Justin McCouch :54; 195-LaQuan Brown Oa p. Timothy Brant 3:35; 220-Trevor Tunney Oa p. Erik Schuler 1:29; 285-Connor Dindak O p. Beau White :27.

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Records-Oakcrest 3-4.

Oakcrest 51,

Palmyra 24

106-Sean Stabile O by forfeit; 113-Liam Kelly P p. Gavin Chai 3:42; 120-Miles Townsend O by forfeit; 126-Lawrance Forman P d. Nasjir McCoy 11-4; 132-Conor Stabile O by forfeit; 138-Warren Reilly O by forfeit; 145-Matt Nagle P p. Harlin Colon :49; 152-Matthew Tull O d. Messiah Phillips 13-9; 160-Justin Mitchell O p. Jake Bailey :45; 170-Liam Barry O p. Jeff Hubler 3:55; 182-John Benard O p. Gerbree Brinkley 1:06; 195-Isaac Herrera P p. LaQuan Brown 1:52; 220-Kevin Hernando P d. Trevor Tunney 10-5; 285-Connor Dindak O p. Malik Howard 2:34.

Haddon Heights 48,

Oakcrest 28

106-John Aceto HH p. Gavin Chai 3:20; 113-Thomas Deitz HH by forfeit; 120-Miles Townsend O p. Nick Moore 2:32; 126-Daniel Hovern HH by forfeit; 132-Conor Stabile O md. Lukas DeMenna 13-2; 138-Matt Skotnicki HH by forfeit; 145-Brian Panara HH p. Harlin Colon 5:31; 152-Justin Mitchell O p. John Booker :49; 160-Josh Booker HH d. Christopher Heitzer 6-4; 170-Julien Faison HH p. Liam Barry 1:27; 182-Phillip Azzari HH d, John Benard 6-4; 195-LaQuan Brown O p. Jacob Greener 1:23; 220-Ian Lynch HH p. Trevor Tunney 4:29; 285-Connor Dindak O p. Nick Houchins 3:35.


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