Ocean City 43,

Oakcrest 33

*106-Gavin Chai O p. Dustin Oves :42; 113-Jeremiah Johnson OC p. Sean Stabile 4:29; 120-Miles Townsend O won by forfeit; 126-Conor Stabile O p. Jake Tusco 3:29; 132-Cliff Owens OC won by forfeit; 138-Ryan Fisher OC won by forfeit; 145-Mattew Tull O d. Vinny Levin 9-6; 152-Luke Demore OC d. Justin Mitchell O 9-6; 160-Jeremy Grund OC md. Christopher Heitzer16-4 ; 170-Cooper Gallagher OC won by forfeit; 182-John Benard O won by forfeit; 195-LaQuan Brown O injury default Ryan Richards; 220-Josh Johnson OC p. Antonio Colon :54; 285-Clint Pearson OC won by forfiet.

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*Match began at this weight

Pemberton 37,

Ocean City 36;

Ocean City 48,

Gloucester City 33;

Pemberton 54,

Oakcrest 25

106-Dustin Oves OC (1-1) p. 4:25 GC;Gavin Chai O (1-0) p. 3:38 P; 113-Jeremiah Johnson OC (1-1) p. 2:55 GC;Sean Stabile O (0-1); 120-Miles Townsend O (1-0) d. 11-5 P; 126-Jake Tuso OC (2-0) d. 15-10 P, p. 1:06 GC;Conor Stabile O (1-0) p. :50 P; 132-Cliff Owens OC (1-1) p. :28 P; 138-Ryan Fisher OC (0-1), Vinny Levin OC (1-0) p. 3:58 GC; 145-Vinny Levin OC (1-0) d. 10-4 P, Ryan Fisher OC (0-1);Matthew Tull O (0-1); 152-Luke Demore OC (2-0) p. 5:20 P, p. 1:18 GC;Justin Mitchell O (0-1); 160-Jeremy Grund OC (1-1) p. 3:58 GC; 170-Cooper Gallagher OC (2-0) p. :58 P, p. 2:44 GC; 182-John Benard O (1-0) md. 11-3 P; 195-Jeff Payne OC (0-2);LaQuan Brown O (1-0) p. 4:49 P; 220-Josh Johnson OC (2-0) p. 5:44 P, p. :57 GC;Antonio Colon O (0-1); 285-Clint Pearson OC (1-1) won by forfeit P.

Records-O.C. 10-7, Oakcrest 5-13

Note: Individual information for Oakcrest vs. Gloucester City was unavailable.


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