Ocean City 66,

Cedar Creek 18

106—Alec Murdock CC by forfeit; 113—Joey Garcia OC p. Nimil Shah 1:34; 120—Louie Williams OC p. Oscar Perez 0:29; 126—Arturo Sarabia OC by forfeit; 132—Peyton Bristol OC p. Austin Alcantara 1:26; 138—Tommy Oves OC p. Justin Gubbins 3:50; 145—Nick Bell OC p. Luis Torres 3:22; 152—Rosario LaRosa OC p. Edward Adams 3:52; 160—Jerbril Howard CC by forfeit; 170—Billy Kroeger OC p. Nur Ibn Al-Islam 1:03; 182—Johnny Seguinot CC p. Frank Piernikowski 1:40; *195—Aidan Nelson OC by forfeit; 220—Brandon Graeber OC p. Tyler Winn 1:30; 285—Nick Sannino OC p. Julio Reyes-Perez 0:26.

*Match began at 195

Ocean City, Cedar Creek results

Schalick 39, Ocean City 33; Schalick 61, Cedar Creek 15

106—OC forfeit; Alec Murdock CC d. S 3-2; 113—Joey Garcia OC forfeit S; Nimil Shah CC forfeit S; 120—Louie Williams OC (0-1); Oscar Perez CC (0-1); 126—Peyton Bristol OC d. S 8-2; CC forfeit (0-1); 132—Tommy Oves OC (0-1); Justin Gubbins CC (0-1); 138—Nick Bell OC (0-1); OC forfeit (0-1); 145—Rosario LaRosa OC (0-1); Luis Torres CC (0-1); 152—OC forfeit (0-1); Edward Adams CC (0-1); 160—OC forfeit (0-1); Jerbril Howard CC (0-1); 170—Billy Kroeger OC p. S 3:11; Nur Ibn Al-Islam CC (0-1); 182—Frank Piernikowski OC p. S 5:11; Johnny Seguinot CC p. S 1:35; 195—Aidan Nelson OC (0-1); CC forfeit (0-1); 220—Brandon Graeber OC p. S 3:03; Tyler Winn CC (0-1); 285—Nick Sannino OC p. S 2:45; Julio Reyes-Perez CC (0-1).

Records—CC 0-9, OC 4-5.

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