Ocean City 71, St. Joseph 6

106-Dustin Oves OC tf. Evan Fallon 17-1 5:13; 113-Jake Smith OC fft; 120-David Levin OC d. Eric Fallon 3-2; 126-Jeremiah Johnson OC fft; 132-Cameron Andres OC fft; 138-Shane Stack OC p. Nick Santore 5:01; 145-Vinny Levin OC fft.; 152-Ryan Fisher OC fft.; *160-Luke Demore OC p. Mike Machiolo 1:11; 170-Rha-Sun Tapp SJ p. Mike Gardner 2:27; 182-Cooper Gallagher OC tb2. Christian LaFragola 9-2; 195-Jeremy Grund OC fft.; 220-Ryan Richards OC p. Mike Merlino 1:54; 285-Kyle Strunk OC fft..

*Match began at 160

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Lindenwold 42, St. Joseph 30;

Ocean City 69, Lindenwold 12;

Winslow Township 66, St. Joseph 12

106-Evan Fallon SJ (2-0) fft. L, fft. WT; Dustin Oves OC (1-0) fft. L; 113-SJ forfeit (0-2); Jake Smith OC (1-0) fft. L; 120-Eric Fallon SJ (1-1) p. 4:37; David Levin OC (1-0) fft. L; 126-SJ forfeit (0-2); Jeremiah Jones OC (1-0) p. L 2:34; 132-SJ forfeit (0-2); Cameron Andres OC (1-0) d. L 7-0; 138-Nick Santore SJ (1-1) p. L 2:50; Shane Stack OC (1-0) p. L 2:55; 145-SJ forfeit (0-2); Vinny Levin OC (1-0) fft. L; 152-SJ forfeit (0-2); Ryan Fisher OC (1-0) p. L 4:34; 160-Mike Machioli SJ (1-1) d. L 6-1; Kevin Burcaw OC (1-0) p. L 1:32; 170-Rha-Sun Tapp SJ (1-1) p. L 1:53; Luke Demore OC (1-0) fft. L; 182-SJ forfeit (0-1); Christian LaFragola SJ (1-0) p. WT :52; Cooper Gallagher OC (1-0) fft. L; 195-LaFragola SJ (1-0) p. L 2:30; SJ forfeit (0-1); Ryan Richards OC (1-0) p. L 1:01; 220-Mike Merlino SJ (1-1) d. L 4-3; Kyle Strunk OC (0-1); 285-SJ forfeit (0-2); OC forfeit (0-1).

Records-Ocean City 16-5, St. Joseph 4-20.

*Match began at this weight

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