Paul VI 51, Mainland Regional 25

At Mainland Regional

106-Justin Bishop MR md. Liam Kelleher 9-1; 113-Tyler White PVI p. Frank Trifiletti 1:45; 120-Colin Savacool PVI p. Steven Gagnon 3:37; 126-Theodore Kendzierski PVI by forfeit; 132-Brendon Islinger MR p. Kevin Murphy PVI 5:34; 138-Joe Basil PVI d. Justin Walsh 7-4; 145-Ralph Venuto PVI p. Spencer Trejo 1:07; 152-John Fitzpatrick MR p. Chris Casey PVI :52; 160-Colin O'Hara MR p. Tom Mosolovich 4:25; 170-Timothy Lenzsch MR d. Brian Smith 4-1; 182-Rob Hehl PVI p. Kolin Roberts 2:50; 195-Mark Alberto PVI p. David Evans :39; 220-Keaton Sentak PVI by forfeit; 285-Nathaniel Nelson PVI by forfeit.

Latest Video

Gateway Regional/Woodbury 55, Mainland Regional 21

106-Justin Bishop MR p. Jake Sparks 3:13; 113-Matt Sparks GRW tf. Frank Trifiletti 15-0 (6:00); 120-Alex Eastlack GRW p. Steven Gagnon 1:47; 126-Tyler Bloss GRW by forfeit; 132-Jarrid Saurillo GRW md. Brendon Islinger 15-6; 138-Brett Blaker GRW p. David Cullen :27; 145-Chris Norris GRW p. Spencer Trejo :51; 152-John Fitzpatrick MR p. Anthony Colofranson 3:36; 160-Colin O'Hara MR p. Jashon Moore :58; 170-Timothy Lenzsch MR d. Austin Holmstrom 13-7; 182-Jake Pennington GRW md. Kolin Roberts17-7; 195-Kyle Reim GRW p. David Evans 1:45; 220-Russell Hall GRW by forfeit; 285-Griffin Mills GRW by forfeit.

Sterling 45, Mainland Regional 36

106-Justin Bishop MR by forfeit; 113-Frank Trifiletti MR by forfeit; 120-Cordel Hamilton-Conley S by forfeit; 126-Ryan Grover S by forfeit; 132-Jordin Sauer S d. Brendon Islinger 3-1; 138-Hunter Byrd S p. Justin Walsh 1:24; 145-Scott Emers S p. David Cullen 3:05; 152-Austin Amato MR p. Chris Wintemburg 2:24; 160-John Fitzpatrick MR p. Kevin Stevens 3:15; 7Timothy Lenzsch MR p. Jurgen Bocaj 3:06; 182-Kolin Roberts MR p. Magnus Connor 2:44; 195-Edgar Castellunos S p. David Evans 1:14; 220-Brian Mahadeo S by forfeit; 285-Eduado Castellunos S by forfeit.

Records-Mainland 0-5.


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