Vineland 48,

Mainland Regional 20

*106-Josh Pineda V md. Justin Bishop 14-0; 113-Steven Bergamo V tf. John Davidson 16-1, 3:40; 120-Daniel DeTetta V p. John DiNofrio 5:28; 126-Zachary Nealis V p. Brendan Islinger 1:17; 132-Justin Welsh MR d. John Rizzo 6-5; 138-Garrett Ewing MR tf. Tayron davis 21-4; 145-Christian Acosta V d. Austin Amato 10-8; 152-John Fitzpatrick MR p. Andrew Vena :56; 160-Colin O'Hara MR d. Jose Jiminez 1-0; 170-Timothy Lenzsch MR d. Steffen Rodriguez 3-2; 182-Tiawahn Cosby V p. Kolin Roberts 1:14; 195-Benjamin Henderson V p. Eugene Tartaglione 2:54; 220-Jose Matteo V p. David Evans 1:58; 285-Luis Vazquez V won by forfeit.

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*Match began at this weight

Hammonton 44,

Mainland Regional 27

106-Justin Bishop MR p. Royce Butler 5:15; *113-Timothy McFerren H tf. John Davison 17-2; 120-John DiNofrio MR d. Scott Figueroa 2-0; 126-Austin Figueroa H d. Brendon Islinger 6-3; 132-Justin Walsh MR p. Lee Struble 3:10; 138-Garrett Ewing MR d. Matt Bumbera 6-0; 145-Logan Fiorentino H p. Nick Giunta 3:24; 152-John Fitzpatrick MR p. Nico Porretta 4:20; 160-Kellen Whitney H p. Colin O'Hara 1:16; 170-Timothy Lenzsch MR d. Jeff Picariello 2-0; 182-David Williams H p. Kolin Roberts 1:48; 195-Brandon Beebe H p. Eugene Tartaglione :39; 220-Lenny Habinowski H p. David Evans 5:44; 285-Gio Rodriguez H won by forfeit.

*Match began at this weight

Middle Township 48,

Mainland Regional 23

106-Justin Bishop MR p. Joey Curtis 3:49; 113-Ronray Harris MT p. John Davidson :31; *120-Kenny Dale MT d. John DiNofrio 9-2; 126-Brendon Islinger MR p. Patrick Williams 2:40; 132-Brandon Curtis MT p. Justin Walsh 5:28; 138-Garrett Ewing MR p. Tyrell Hebron 1:47; 145-Jacob Kershaw MT p. Austin Amato 4:00; 152-John Mallett MT d. John Fitzpatrick 13-9; 160-Jake Canter MT d. Victor O'Farriel 13-7; 170-Timothy Lenzsch MR md. Elvin Davila 12-2; 182-John Mooers MT d. Kolin Roberts 12-5; 195-Jason Sierra MT medical forfeit Eugene Tartaglione; 220-Harry Wozunk MT p. David Evans 4:11; 285-Jason Viola MT won by forfeit.

Note: Middle was penalized one point for misconduct.

*Match began at this weight

Hammonton 37,

Vineland 36

106-Josh Pineda V won by forfeit; 113-Steven Bergamo V won by forfeit; *120-Dan Tetta V p. Scott Figueroa 1:20; 126-Zach Nealis V p. LT Struble 1:20; 132-John Rizzo V d. Austin Figueroa 3-2; 138-Tayron Davis V d. Matt Bumbera 7-1; 145-Logan Fiorentino H p. Christian Acosta 3:38; 152-Nico Porretta H p. Andrew Vena 1:47; 160-Brian Siligato H p. Jose Jiminez :47 ; 170-Kellen Whitney H d. Steffen Rodriguez 5-3; 182-David Williams H md. Tiawhan Cosby 11-3; 195-Brandon Beebe H p. Jose Matteo 4:05; 220-Benjamin Henderson V p. Tyler Armor 3:10; 285-Bobby Frederico H p. Luis Vazquez 2:33.

*Match began at this weight

Hammonton 48,

Middle Township 19

*106-Royce Butler H p. Joey Curtis 1:17; 113-Ronray Harris MT tf. Vaugh McFerren 17-2; 120-Scott Figueroa H d. Kenny Dale 6-5; 126-Austin Figueroa H p. Patrick Williams 3:49; 132-Brandon Curtis MT tf. LT Struble 17-2; 138-Jacob Kershaw MT d. Matt Bumbera 11-4; 145-Logan Fiorentino H p. Elijah Florisma :37; 152-John Mallett MT d. Nico Porretta 6-3; 160-Kellen Whitney H p. Jake Canter 1:12; 170-John Mooers MT d. Jack Hartman 9-5; 182-Jeff Picariello H p. Barry Edwards :11; 195-David Williams H p. Harry Wozunk 2:33; 220-Brandon Beebe H d. Jason Sierra 2-1; 285-Bobby Frederico H won by forfeit.

*Match began at this weight

Vineland 39,

Middle Township 33

106-Josh Pineda V p Joey Curtis 2:50; *113-Steven Bergamo V d Ronray Harris 14-12; 120-Kenny Dale MT d Daniel Detetta 12-9; 126-Zach Nealis V p Pat Williams 2:37; 132-Brandon Curtis MT d John Rizzo 5-0; 138-Jacob Kershaw MT p Tayron Davis 5:03; 145-Christian Acosta V p Elijah Florisma 1:07; 152-Jake Canter MT p Andrew Venna :53; 160-John Mallett MT p Jose Jimenez :49; 170-Steffen Rodriguez V p Elvin Davila :45; 182-Tiawhan Cosby V p John Mooers 1:36; 195-Ben Henderson V p Harry Wozunk 1:26; 220-Jason Sierra MT d Jose Matteo 9-3; 285-Jason Viola MT p Luis Vazquez :28.

*Match began at this weight

Records-Vineland 11-6, Mainland 5-15, Middle 8-5, Hammonton 14-6.


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