Vineland 37,

Ocean City 36

106-Steven Bergamo V p. Dustin Oves 1:36; 113-Luis Santiago V d. David Levin 4-3; *120-Isaiah Ocasio V won by forfeit; 126-Zachary Nealis V p. Jeremiah Johnson 0:58; 132-Cameron Andres O tf. Tommy Forkin 21-6 4:00; 138-Shane Stack O d. John Rizzo 6-4; 145-Vinny Levin O md. Lawrence Pettiford 11-2; 152-Elijah Corbett V sv. Ryan Fisher 6-4; 160-Luke Demore O p. Nick Traverso 5:00; 170-Kevin Burcaw O p. Andrew Vena 1:18; 182-Tiawahn Cosby V p. Sean Wilson 0:54; 195-Cooper Gallagher O p. Jose Mateo 2:26; 220-Ryan Richards O p. Makai Ausby 1:13; 285-Justin Diaz V won by forfeit.

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*Match began at 120

Ocean City 44,

Cherry Hill East 27;

Ocean City 63,

Deptford 18;

Vineland 57,

Cherry Hill East 10;

Vineland 74,

Deptford 6

106-Dustin Oves OC (2-0) d. 5-1 CH, p. 1:21 D; Steve Bergamo V (2-0) p. CHE 1:08, p. D :09; 113-David Levin OC (1-1) p. 1:21 D; Luis Santiago V (2-0) d. CHE 2-0, p. D 1:02; 120-OC forfeit (0-2); Isaiah Ocasio V (2-0) tf. CHE 16-0, p. D :24; 126-Jeremiah Johnson OC (2-0) md. 10-2 CH, d. 4-0 D; Zachary Nealis V (2-0) p. CHE 1:13, p. D 1:20; 132-Cameron Andres OC (2-0) p. 1:14 CH, p. 0:24 D; Tommy Forkin (2-0) d, CHE 13-12, tf. D 17-1; 138-Shane Stack OC (2-0) md 8-0 CH, p. 3:29 D; John Rizzo V (2-0) md. CHE 11-0, p. D 1:53; 145-Viny Levin OC (2-0) p. 1:57 CH, p. 2:55 D; Lawrence Pettiford V (2-0) p. CHE 3:41, p. D 2:37; 152-Ryan Fisher OC (1-1) ff. D; Elijah Corbett V (1-1) fft. D; 160-Luke Demore OC (2-0) ff CH, p. 1:20 D; Nick Traverso V (2-0) p. CHE 1:02, p. D :49; 170-Kevin Burcaw OC (2-0) d. 8-4 CH, p.1:10 D; Andrew Vena V (1-1) p. D 1:03; 182-Sean Wilson OC (1-1) ff. D; Tiawahn Cosby V (2-0) p. CHE 1:26, fft. D; 195-Cooper Gallagher OC (2-0) p. 2:26 CH, p. 3:58 D; Jose Mateo V (2-0) p. CHE 1:08, d. D 5-2; 220-Ryan Richards OC (1-1) ff. CH; Makai Ausby V (1-1) fft. CHE; 285-OC forfeit (0-1); Justian Diaz V (1-1) p. D 3:47.

Records-Ocean City 18-6, Vineland 9-12.

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