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Erik Kretschmer

Southern Regional senior forward

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Friday’s 3-2 double-overtime victory against Toms River North was a special win for the Southern Regional High School boys soccer team.

It was only fitting it took a special goal to end it.

Senior captain Erik Kretschmer took a pass on the left side from Chris Starner and went to the goal.

“I got the pass from (Chris), saw the open shot and took the chance,” said Kretschmer, 17, of Manahawkin. “It just happened to go in. It happened pretty quick.”

Kretschmer tucked his shot just underneath the crossbar to the near post to start the celebration.

“It was probably one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever had,” Kretschmer said.

“It was my first time beating North in my four years of playing varsity.

“Right when it came off my foot I knew it was going in. It was one of the best shots I’ve had and probably one of the most memorable I will ever have.”

The Rams played another overtime game, a 1-1 tie in double overtime with Toms River East, on Monday, their sixth of the year.

“Our guys are tired but I would say they’re pretty fit,” Southern coach Evan Brosniak joked.

Brosniak said it was his first win against North in his fourth season as coach.

“There is a lot of chemistry between this team,” Brosniak said. “This is the first full set of guys that have started with me as freshmen and are finishing as seniors. They train together in the summer pretty hard and there is some really good talent there.”

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