Erin Curry

Ocean City's Erin Curry wins the paddleboard event at the Longport Women's Lifeguard Invitational.

Erin Curry thought she would have a break between the swim and paddleboard events at the Longport Women's Lifeguard Invitational on Tuesday on the 33rd Avenue beach, but a last-minute schedule change had her racing back-to-back.

Even without the break, Curry won both of her events to help the Ocean City Beach Patrol win the team title for the third year in a row.

"I think it was all adrenaline," Curry said after winning the paddleboard race. "I know my biggest thing in paddle was that I got out in front of the pack (at the start), but parallel to shore, I felt like I was dying."

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Curry swam at Mainland Regional High School, graduating in 2011, and recently finished her freshman season at Liberty University.

"I definitely had to dig in and look inside myself," the Linwood resident said. "My main concern was the swim and I told myself to just go out and have fun with the paddle."

Ocean City won with 30 points. Atlantic City was second with 18 and Ventnor third with 16.

"We are so happy," said Ocean City's Rachel Boudare, who came in third in the doubles row with teammate Emma Elmer. "We did well in practice, and it helps to have the same people and the same familiar faces."

Atlantic City won the doubles row with Macey Miller and Mallory Sykes finishing in 11 minutes, 30 seconds. Rowing together was nothing new for that duo, either, since they were crew teammates at Atlantic City High School in the freshman-eight and varsity-eight boats.

"(Miller) literally rowed behind me all of high school," said Sykes, who now rows at Drexel. "Its good to be back together. We are best friends."

Miller also placed second in the singles row. Stone Harbor's Kelly Bainbridge won that event for the third consecutive year in 4:11.

Wildwood Crest won the surf dash, with the foursome of Rose Brenner, Leeny Tarnowski, Christina Caroulis and Ann Marie Kelly beating out the competition by nine seconds in the last race of the evening.

"(Caroulis) worked the water really well and had good timing," said Brenner, who also was second in the paddleboard.

Kelly added: "Christina picked up the slack."

Brenner said it was a group effort.

"It feels good to still be doing this," Brenner said.

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1. Ocean City 30; 2. Atlantic City 18; 3. Ventnor 16; 4. Sea Isle City 14; 5. Wildwood Crest 12; 6. Longport 8; 7. Stone Harbor 7; 8. Margate City 6; 9. Avalon 2; 10. North Wildwood 2.


1. Atlantic City (Macey Miller-Mallory Sykes) 11:30; 2. Ventnor City (Megan Hollan-Paige Howarth) 12:34; 3. Ocean City (Rachel Boudare-Emma Elmer) 12:52; 4. Longport (Paige Funk-Katie Adams) 12:56; 5. Margate (Kristine Auble-Rachel O'Brien) 13:05; 6. Sea Isle City (names unavailable) 13:08.


1. Erin Curry, Ocean City, 8:13; 2. Madison Meyer, Sea Isle City, 8:14; 3. Holly Berenotto, OC, 8:19; 4. Shannon Howarth, Ventnor, 8:22; 5. Erin Regan, North Wildwood, 8:35; 6. Melissa Toy, Ventnor, 8:36.


1. Kelly Bainbridge, Stone Harbor, 4:11; 2. Macey Miller, Atlantic City, 4:17; 3. Paige Funk, Longport, 4:30; 4. Shawnee Foglio, Ocean City, 4:48; 5. Megan Holland, Ventnor, 4:53; 6. Ashleigh Dinan, Sea Isle City, 5:21.


1. Erin Curry, Ocean City, 4:14; 2. Rose Brenner, Wildwood Crest, 4:29; 3. Madison Meyer, Sea Isle City, 4:51; 4. Haley Sykes, Atlantic City, 5:11; 5. Becca Hannings, Avalon, 5:13; 6. Mackenzie Howarth, Ventnor, 5:14.


1. Wildwood Crest (Rose Brenner, Leeny Tarnowski, Christina Caroulis, Ann Marie Kelly), 2:15; 2. Ocean City, 3. Ventnor, 4. Atlantic City, 5. Sea Isle City, 6. Longport.

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