Ocean City's Erin Curry who won the paddleboard and swim races July 10 at the Longport Women's Lifeguard Invitational, is entered in both events tonight in Ocean City.

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The races will be short and quick today at the ninth annual Ocean City Beach Patrol Women's Invitational at 6:15 p.m. at 34th Street beach.

The leading female athletes of the South Jersey Lifeguard Chiefs Association will compete in five races, all of which are close to the shoreline.

The host Ocean City patrol is the defending team champion. O.C also won the Longport Women's Lifeguard Invitational, the Chiefs Association's first all-women's event of the season, on July 10.

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The races are the sprint doubles row, the box swim, the row-swim, the box-paddleboard race and the surf dash.

The sprint doubles is out to flags 500 feet from shore and back. The box-swim and box-paddleboard races start and finish with short runs on the beach and have a box course in the ocean. The row-swim begins with doubles row. When the crews reach the flags 500 feet from shore, one guard jumps out and swims back to the finish line on the beach. The surf dash is a short relay race with four on each team.

"They're all spectator-friendly races (easily seen by the fans on the beach)," said Jeff Garbutt, an Ocean City Beach Patrol Senior Lieutenant. "We added the row-swim last year. It highlights the versatility of the athletes. The women in these races can swim, run, row and paddle, and this event showcases their talents."

Ocean City's Erin Curry scored a close victory in the swim at the Longport Invitational, and she came right back in the next event to win the paddleboard race. She's Ocean City's entry in both races today.

Atlantic City's Macey Miller and Mallory Sykes beat Ventnor's Meghan Holland and Paige Howarth by four seconds in the Longport doubles row, and both crews are entered today.

Ocean City's Shawnee Foglio and Holly Berenotto will try to win their second straight row-swim. Berenotto will do the swim back to shore.

Wildwood Crest's Rose Brenner, Leeny Tarnowski, Christina Caroulis and Ann Marie Kelly won the Longport Invitational surf dash, and they'll go again today.


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