The Tri-Resort Lifeguard Championships will be held at 6:15 p.m. today at 44th Street beach in Sea Isle City.

The competing teams are defending champion Sea Isle City, Upper Township and Wildwood.

The races are the singles row, the three-person paddleboard relay, the 3x1-mile run relay, the doubles row, the swim, the mixed doubles row and the surf dash.

The Tri-Resort has a lot of participation. Each team can enter two singles rowers, two doubles and mixed doubles crews, and three swimmers. The swim has cross-country scoring. The paddleboard and run relays, the swim and the surf dash will all have one female on each team.

Sea Isle leaders include Jeff Buyse, Blake Trabuchi-Down-ey, Madison Meyer, Pat Scanna-pieco and Pat Lombard. Upper Township is led by Pat Curran, Ford Palmer, brothers Joe and Jon O'Neil and Kelly McHale. Wildwood features Steve McGuinn, Ed Schneider, Katie Collins, Mike Syrnick and Brandon Joyce.