The Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol won four of six races and captured its third straight team title at the Tri-Wood Lifeguard Champion-ships on Sunday at the Lincoln Avenue beach in Wildwood.

The event, which was in its 10th year, is for rookies to fourth-year lifeguards.

Wildwood Crest dominated with 16 points, and Wildwood took second with seven points. Sea Isle City also had seven points, but the Crest got second place with a higher finish in the sprint doubles row for second- to fourth-year guards.

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Wildwood Crest’s Mary Ann Lerro won the paddleboard race for fourth-year guards and under by 20 seconds in 6 minutes, 17 seconds. The Crest crew of Bob Kalinoski and Matt Ben-edetto took the sprint doubles row for second-to-fourth-year guards by 10 seconds in 4:17.

The Wildwood Crest team of Nick Tyson, Ken Weist and Marie McCormack won the box swim for rookie lifeguards, which was scored like cross country. The Crest team had a low total of six points. Sea Isle’s Chris Nunnary was first in the race in 9:14. Wildwood Crest’s Cameron Aregood and Wiley Wilson won the sprint mixed doubles row for fourth-year guards and under in 5:20.

North Wildwood’s John Livingstone and Tim Regan won the sprint doubles row for rookies by one second over Sea Isle City. Wildwood’s Bill Gushue was first in the singles row for second- to fourth-year guards in 5:24.

Team scoring (Scoring was 3-2-1 for the first three places.) — 1. Wildwood Crest 16; 2. Wildwood 7; 3. Sea Isle City 7; 4. North Wildwood 6.

Quarter-mile paddleboard race (fourth-year guards and under) — 1. Mary Ann Lerro, WC 6:17; 2. Erich Negard, SIC 6:37; 3. Tom Wilhelm, NW 6:47.

Quarter-mile sprint doubles row (second-to-fourth-year guards) — 1. WC (Bob Kalinoski-Matt Benedetto) 4:17; 2. WC (Matt Hirst-Mike Zumar) 4:27; 3. NW (Tom Wilhelm-Terrence Boyle) 4:58.

Quarter-mile sprint doubles row (rookie guards) — 1. NW (John Livingstone-Tim Regan) 5:26; 2. SIC (Erich Negard-Amodeo DeLuca) 5:27; 3. WC (Wade Winkersteen-Dan Ward) 6:05.

Quarter-mile singles row (second-to-fourth-year guards) — 1. Bill Gushue, WW 5:24; 2. Austin Neri, WC 5:39; 3. Mike Vallen, SIC 5:47.

600-yard box swim (rookie guards. Cross country scoring) — 1. WC (Nick Tyson, Ken Weist, Marie McCormack) 6; 2. NW (Kaitlyn Conallen, Nick Devine, John Livingtone) 18; 3. WW (Kyle Mallon, Nick Gasparo, Brendan Byles) 21.

Quarter-mile sprint mixed doubles row (fourth-year guards and under) — 1. WC (Cameron Aregood-Wiley Wilson) 5:20; 2. SIC (Mike Vallen-Lindsay Vallen) 5:25; 3. WC (Matt Benedetto-Leeny Tarnowski) 5:43.

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