If nothing else, Flemington resident Beverly Sannazzaro left Saturday's second round of the ShopRite LPGA Classic with one heck of a story to tell family and friends.

Sannazzaro unwittingly found herself impersonating a mother hen to Natalie Gulbis' golf ball on the par-3 seventh hole.

"It was really embarrassing," Sannazzaro said.

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Gulbis sent her tee shot left of the greenside bunker toward a large tree.

"I had just said to my friend, 'I can't see where the ball is coming off the tee,' " Sannazzaro said. "Next thing I know, the ball hit me (in the midsection) and dropped."

The ball came to a stop underneath Sannazzaro, who was sitting down along a dividing rope.

A tournament marshal asked Sannazzaro if she would sit still until a rules official and Gulbis walked up.

When they did - along with a large group of fans, a curious Paula Creamer and a camera crew showing footage live on The Golf Channel - Sannazzaro was given a tee to mark the ball underneath her.

After she did, Gulbis came over and kneeled next to her ball.

"We've got a little tomato action here," Gulbis said, as she flicked away some food near her ball. "And turkey. You were eating a wrap, weren't you?"

The crowd laughed as it became increasingly difficult to tell whether Sannazzaro was red from a day in the sun or from all the attention.

"She was very gracious," Sannazzaro said moments after the incident. "It was really strange."

Gulbis came back after finishing the hole with a bogey and gave Sannazzaro the ball.

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