Sixers rookie Maurice Harkless, center, talks to children at the 76ers Beach Bash at Jack's Place in Avalon.

Ben Fogletto

AVALON - Fans were in high spirits despite the rain clouds overhead at the 13th annual Philadelphia 76ers Beach Bash at Jack's Place on Saturday.

Sixers fans from around the Jersey Shore came to get autographs from rookies Maurice Harkless and Arnett Moultrie, purchase authentic 76ers memoribilia and watch the team's new dance squad.

And one way the Sixers got the word out about the Beach Bash was Twitter.

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Twitter is the social media site that allows people to instantly send messages to their friends, favorite athletes or movie stars.

Sixers CEO and co-owner Adam Aron is known for his Twitter usage and for answering most questions fans send him on Twitter.

"(After learning to tweet), I instantly realized that (Twitter) was an unbelievably powerful communication tool," Aron said. "It is really staggering that we can talk so much to our fan base instantly, frequently, at no charge, and it's a two-way communication flow.

"It gives me an instant finger on the pulse of what a segment of our fan base is thinking. I think it is a terrific thing, and that's why I've been so active."

Mark Cushin, 18, of the Marlton section of Evesham Township, said he follows Aron on Twitter.

"I think (Twitter) is fantastic," said Cushin, who attended the Beach Bash. "I tweeted to Aron and got a response, which was awesome."

Aron has been CEO and co-owner for less than a year but already has become an instant hit among fans.

Aron says he reads every incoming tweet sent to him at @SixersCEOAdam and has written 2,380 tweets.

"Twitter is one of the most incredible inventions of the 21st century," Aron said over the loud music that was playing. "There are days where I've gone up to 100 tweets in a single day because I'm responding to fans."

Zac Lazev, 18, of Marlton is a frequent Twitter user and follows Aron, the team and also some of the Sixers' players.

"I read all of the stuff they post," Lazev said. "Trades, the direction of the team, and any updates."

Aron interacts frequently with fans, whether it is by attending the Beach Bash, responding to a tweet, or giving updates on the Sixers.

"I am with our fans all the time. I am either with them in person or on my Twitter feed," Aron said. "Two-thirds of my tweets are responses to actual fan comments."

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