Coach Dave Troiano always knew Katie McWade had it in her.

The senior sank a 3-pointer at the buzzer to give the Wildwood High School girls basketball team a 35-32 win over Schalick on Tuesday.

The 5-foot-7 McWade was averaging 12.7 points for the Warriors (3-4) entering Thursday's 45-42 loss to Clayton. She has played varsity since she was a freshman.

"She used to defer to the older players," Troiano said. "Now she's more aggressive. She realizes she has to be the one to get it done."

McWade, 17, and her family moved from northeast Philadelphia to 26th Street in Wildwood when she was in seventh grade. McWade is the third of five children in her family. She is ranked No. 4 in her class academically.

On the move from Philadelphia to Wildwood: It wasn't that hard. I'm outgoing. I was a little nervous. We live on 26th. In the summer, it's so crowded, but in the winter, it's nothing.

On Wildwood in the winter: At first, it seemed like nobody lived here. But once you go to school, there's stuff to do. It's not that bad.

On being the middle child: It's kind of hard. My older sister and brother were together, and my younger brothers are together as well. You feel overlooked sometimes.

On her school, which has the smallest enrollment of any in southern New Jersey: Everyone knows your business. It's annoying. But it's kind of funny. People try to keep secrets, but you find out right away.

On taking a more active role on the team this season: When I was freshman and sophomore, we had two 1,000-point scorers (Shakiyrah Bishop and Latifah McNeal). I felt I had to stay out of their way and let them do what they wanted to do. Last year I was a little nervous. This year I know me and Loretta (senior guard Loretta Kelly) have to do more.

On her summer job: I work on the beach at an umbrella stand. It's easy.

On playing for Troiano, who is in his 32nd season and has 568 career wins: It's a little intimidating at first. But we're close. He doesn't take anything. Freshman year was tough. He doesn't yell as much as you think. We deserve it sometimes.

On her college and future plans: I want to be an elementary school special-education teacher. I applied to schools around Philadelphia.

On what she does to relax away from the basketball court: I go to the movies or go bowling.

On whether she's a good bowler: No.

Michael McGarry