Ocean City Beach Patrol rookie Anthony Czar was the overall winner in his first T. John Carey Masters Ocean Swim on Saturday in Ocean City. Hayley Edwards, a Stone Harbor rookie guard, won her fifth straight women’s title in the 34th annual event.

Czar, 17, won the 1-mile race in 17 minutes, 45 seconds, and Upper Township Beach Patrol lifeguard Kevin Gill, 16, was second in 17:54. Ron Marks, 54, of Beesley’s Point, was third in 18:10.

Czar is a recent graduate of Egg Harbor Township High School and was The Press Boys Swimmer of the Year this winter.

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“I hadn’t done the swim before and didn’t get a chance to practice the course, but I’ve done box-swims and this seemed like a long box-swim,” Czar said. “I got out pretty quick, and Kevin Gill and I were at the front. The current was pretty much straight north. It was definitely cool to win it for my new beach patrol.”

Edwards, 22, is a former Villanova University swimmmer. She was sixth overall and first for the women in 18:23. Ocean City rookie lifeguard Lexi Santer, 16, was 11th overall and the second female finisher in 19:15. Katie Schaefer of Jamison, Pa., was third for the women and 23rd overall in 20:38.

“I prefer a longer swim, because I swam the mile in college,” said Edwards, of Piles-grove Township. “It was definitely very exciting. It was nice to have the opportunity from the Stone Harbor Beach Patrol to go there with Sean McCall (another Stone Harbor lifeguard, and last year’s overall winner) to swim it.”

Top six male finishers

1. Anthony Czar 17:45; 2. Kevin Gill 17:54; 3. Ron Marks 18:10; 4. John Gregory 18:19; 5. Sean McCall 18:20; 6. Bryan Rahter 18:39.

Top six female finishers

1. Hayley Edwards 18:23; 2. Lexi Santer 19:15; 3. Katie Schaefer 20:38; 4. Emily Barnard 20:42; 5. Susan Reich 21:21; 6. Taylor Baker 21:58.

Age group winners

14 and under: Douglas Grisbaum 21:17; Julia Hansen 23:46. 15 to 16: Michael Fiscus 18:45; Helen Shekhterman 22:05. 17 to19: Michael Kell 19:04; Noel Styer 22:07. 20 to 24: Sean Fagan 19:40; Sarah Czar 22:23. 25 to 29: James Sheeran 20:01; Shannon Rose 23:44. 30 to 34: Matthew McElroy 26:49; Tess Andres 23:04. 35 to39: Ryan Young 20:03; Meg Hayes 23:37. 40 to 44: John O'Grady 20:49; Michelle Keillor 25:15. 45 to 49: Matt Rocca 19:08; Liz Casey 22:12. 50 to 54: Jeff Reilly 20:06; Patty Lynch 26:01. 55 to 59: Michael Toy 19:27; Polly Thieler 27:39. 60  to 64: Jack Martin 20:25; Marie Vellucci 28:53. 65 to 69: Jay Platt 24:07; Marilyn Brahms 31:52. 70 to 74: Charles Butler 33:30. 75 to 99: Bill Pugh 33:38.

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