OCEAN CITY - Holly Berenotto and Rachel Boudart were Ocean City's entry in two of the first three races Wednesday at the Ocean City Beach Patrol Women's Invitational, and came out with a first place and a second.

Their teammates scored in each of the other three races, and Ocean City won its home event for the third year in row.

Berenotto, a former swimmer at East Carolina University and a former rower and swimmer at Egg Harbor Township High School, did the row-swim with Boudart for Ocean City's only first place. The two started the evening by finishing second in the doubles row to Sea Isle City's Lindsay Vallen and Alisia Bell.

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In the row-swim, a doubles crew rows to a flag about 500 feet from shore, and one of the rowers swims back to the line. Berenotto was in a good race with Longport's Katie Adams swimming to the beach, but won by five seconds in 7 minutes, 14 seconds.

"We concentrated on one race at a time," Berenotto, 22, said. "We had a little time to rest in between. We were right with everyone to the flag. I'm always happy to do the row-swim because I love to do both."

Ocean City totaled 20 points for first place. and Sea Isle City was second with 15 points. Wildwood Crest had 14 points for third. The Crest got wins by its talented surf dash team, and by paddleboarder Mary Anne Lerro.

Ocean City also got a second-place finish in the box-swim from Lexi Santer, a third by Erin Curry in the paddleboard, and a third in the surf dash relay.

"The competition between the women lifeguards is getting better and better," Ocean City Beach Patrol chief Tom Mullineaux said. "From the standpoint of it being our race, I was happy to see a lot of the patrols place and do well. We knew we'd be pretty strong going in, and they did a great job."

The Wildwood Crest surf dash team of Ann Marie Kelly, Christina Caroulis, Leeny Tarnowski and Rose Brenner won three races last year, and now have won the first two this summer.

Tarnowski was also in the doubles row and the row-swim.

"We knew it would be tight, because Sea Isle was near us," said Tarnowski, 21. "You don't think about if you're leading. You stay on course and go all out. The surf dash is my favorite event. We focus and take pride in the reputation we have."

Stone Harbor's Hayley Edwards won the box-swim and lost to Lerro in the paddleboard by only a yard.

"I think it helps to be a swimmer when you're doing the paddleboard," said Edwards, 22, a former Villanova University swimmer.

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Team scoring

1. Ocean City 20; 2. Sea Isle City 15; 3. Wildwood Crest 14; 4. Stone Harbor 10; 5. Longport 7.

Sprint doubles (no time)

1. Sea Isle City (Lindsay Vallen-Alisia Bell); 2. Ocean City (Rachel Boudart-Holly Berenotto) 3. Longport (Paige Funk-Katie Adams).


1. Haley Edwards, Stone Harbor 10:24; 2. Lexi Santer, Ocean City 10:38; 3. Melissa Toy, Ventnor 11:20.


1. Ocean City (Rachel Boudart-Holly Berenotto) 7:14; 2. Longport (Paige Funk-Katie Adams) 7:19; 3. Cape May (Patrice Back-Kelsey Herchenrider) 7:44.

Box-paddleboard race

1. Mary Anne Lerro, Wildwood Crest 7:32.10; 2. Hayley Edwards, Stone Harbor 7:32.98; 3. Erin Curry, Ocean City 7:49.

Surf dash relay (no time)

1. Wildwood Crest (Ann Marie Kelly, Christina Caroulis, Leeny Tarnowski, Rose Brenner); 2. Sea Isle City; 3. Ocean City.

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