(On the Pitch is a quick conversation with a Cape-Atlantic League, Shore Conference or Tri-County Conference high school soccer player.)

Fourteen-year-old Sarah Patrignani has a very promising future for Vineland High School. The freshman forward leads the Fighting Clan with eight goals this season, including three game-winners.

On how she got started with soccer: I was 3 years old when I started. My dad introduced it to me and I was played at the YMCA. I loved it and I haven't stopped playing since.

On her favorite part of soccer: To be honest, I love everything about it. I love being part of a team and meeting new people. I've met so many people from soccer and we're all still friends. I love scoring - that's the best part of it to me. I just love everything about soccer.

On her favorite athlete: I like Lionel Messi. He is incredible. When he's on the ball nothing can stop him. His skills are above everybody else's.

On her goals: Every year I always try to break the record for most goals scored, so that's definitely one of my top priorities.

On her extracurriculars: I play club soccer for NJ Rush (a traveling team in Highland) in the spring and I may play in the winter this year. I've been playing with them for about a year, and I'm really set on this team. I really like them.

On her soccer career: I definitely want to play all throughout high school and definitely in college as well.

Kate Drake

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