Are the Phils beginning to make their BIG run before the All-Star game? Sure looks that way. Six wins in the last eight games against top NL teams (before Wednesday). Cole is beginning to look like his old self and showed some real moxie against his old teammate Jason Werth to end the scary eighth. Sure would be nice to sit back and relax but that never seems to happen these days. Mayberry looked like he was lost in right field (on Tuesday). He should skip batting practice and field balls instead.



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There is nothing wrong with the Phillies team. All they need is a manager. He does not know how to manage a pitching staff or anything else. I think he has already cost the team about eight games. So if it weren't for him they would be in first place now. Also, Amaro should be fired, too. Because of him the Phillies are going to be stuck with Howard. I would love to see him traded, his playing days are over in the NL. He is only good for a platoon DH in the AL but his price tag is way too high. One day the Phillies will have to eat that contract.



All they need is good timely hitting with men on base. Score more runs that would give the pitchers a little more confidence. Right now the pitchers need to pitch a near perfect game most all the time. You can't win very many games with 4 or 5 runs. Better defense. They really don't have that far to go to win their division.


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