Should the Philadelphia Phillies keep Charlie Manuel as their manager in 2014, or is it time for him to go? Press readers answer that question via e-mail.

Charlie Manuel, to me, is the best manager the Phillies ever had, and they had some great ones.

But if you are going to clean house, then Charlie should go as well.However, if you are just going to make a few changes, then I think that Charlie's still the man.


Egg Harbor Township

Charlie Manuel's managing certainly was a key ingredient in the successful run the team had up until this and last year's vivid display of mediocre baseball.

He's been feted and, of course, well paid for these successes, but it's surely time for a change. No one expects managers to be grammatical wizards or even vaguely coherent in trying to explain why their team lost once again. However, it's become painful listening to Charlie cover for his slumping, lackluster stars.

His refusal to move Howard or Rollins far down in the lineup or call out sloppy and under-performing players endears him, of course, with some but challenges his credibility with others.

Goodbye, Charlie, it's time to go. A place on the Phillies Wall of Fame awaits you.


Egg Harbor Township