Isn't it funny that the skills of Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Jimmy Rollins and Cole Hamels all declined after they signed multimillion-dollar contracts.


Galloway Township

Three choices for our Phillies to consider: Buy, blow up or stay the course. I'd "deconstruct" (a better word?) an aging, mediocre, dismal offensive team starting with a lackluster Rollins. Reluctantly, I'd also move Utley, Ruiz and Papelbon for top prospects. Next, both Youngs should be shopped.

Then bring up your young talent to fill the holes in the lineup along with Darren Ruf to platoon with Howard at first. This would help determine their future with the team. Finally, keep Lee at all costs. Drastic but necessary moves I believe in order to build for the future.


Egg Harbor Township

The Phillies have gotten soft, complacent, deferential, slow, sluggish, inopportunistic, lost the will to win, reflexes gone. I'll be very surprised if they make the wild card.


Atlantic City