Ryan Howard is a good first baseman, a powerful hitter. But for the money they are paying him, he needs to do better. Hitting left-handed pitchers is one of the things he needs to improve on. The other is to stay healthy for a whole season. I don't see either happening. The Phillies need to get a all-around first baseman. It seems that this is a good time to do that.


Egg Harbor Township

The only possible way the Phillies can get rid of Ryan Howard and his absurd contract is to send him to a perennially contending deep-pocketed American League team who could use a power hitting lefty DH. (N.Y. Yankees?)

In order to make the deal, the Phillies would need to eat a huge portion of Howard's salary. To obscure the true nature of the deal, both teams would need to include several inconsequential minor leaguers, journeymen middle relievers and obscure "prospects."


Egg Harbor Township

They are paying Howard $20 million to strike out three or four times a game. I will do it for $30K. Call me. Can Chris "Wheels" Wheeler be traded?.