Either keep them all or trade all of the older "stars." Either rebuild or play it out. But neither halfway. You can wait until the All-Star break to decide.


Ocean City

The Phillies should DEFINITELY NOT trade Chase Utley - one of the best second basemen in the game, Cliff Lee - a starter who has proven his worth, especially in the post-season, or Jonathan Papelbon - a clutch closer who will be even better if we reach the playoffs.

If anyone needs to go (assuming they could get something for him) it's Ryan Howard. Keep (John) Mayberry at first and Delmon Young as a regular right fielder and they will be fine. As for Dom Brown, it should be a NO BRAINER to invite him to the All-Star Game this year. He's earned it!



A nice win in the series opener versus the Braves!

But, tough decisions still need to be made: Utley and Papelbon have the highest trade value so let's seek some top prospects for each. Bring Galvis back to play second, and give J.C. Ramirez a shot as the closer.


Egg Harbor Township

The bullpen saves Cliff Lee this time around (Friday night). We all knew that Cliff was out of gas, and again Charlie goes against better judgment and doesn't pull him until it was almost too late. The players seem to be playing with some urgency, so maybe this is the start of a good home series before the All-Star game.

Sandberg continues to gamble on slow runners trying to score. This time we were lucky that McCann dropped the ball. Good win after winning the series in Pittsburgh.



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