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In considering the first half MVP and LVP, one should factor in value (performance) for money (contractual dollars) commitments for players selected.

Ryan Howard is my choice for LVP, followed by Hamels and Rollins. All having huge contracts with little production for whatever reason. For MVP, there’s no doubt it must be Dom Brown with Cliff Lee a distant second.

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Both Jonathan Pettibone and Kevin Frandsen deserve special mention as they’ve been largely responsible for 10 wins between them.

If they received their current salaries for the next five years, the total would not equal what Howard makes this year alone. That’s value for money.


Egg Harbor Township

My MVP is Dom Brown. And I’ve got to name a pitcher — Cliff Lee.

My LVP is Ryan Howard. There others, but Howard costs us $26 million.


Egg Harbor Township

MVP: Dom Brown. I’ll give Ruben credit for his patience and to whoever shortened Brown’s swing. He’s lived up top all the hype — four years later. Ben Revere is a close second.

LVP: Take your pick — Ruiz, Howard, Delmon Young, Manuel.



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