Only the front office knows the real facts about Charlie's "firing." He was "let go" in an embarrassing way. It could have been done more diplomatically. (Ryne) Sandberg's team has won two straight. Ryne will prove himself (or not) by the end of the season.


Ventnor City

The GM, Ruben Amaro Jr., needs to go. He brought the players in. It is not Charlie's fault he was forced to put an inferior team on the field. Ruben screwed up and Charlie took the heat.



Initially, I was not a Charlie Manuel fan. I thought he was a country bumpkin who made a lot of bad moves. However, I must admit, he gained my respect and admiration because he was usually right, and was a genuine, good, competent manager that really cared about players and fans.

His firing was unnecessary and classless. At the very least, he deserved to finish this season. The Phillies should have allowed his contract to expire, thanked him for his hard work, and hired (Ryne) Sandberg for a fresh start next spring.


North Wildwood