I like the hire — I feel he is young, energetic, innovative and definitely a risk taker. But the way our defense was and at this time still is, we will have to score 50 points a game to beat anyone. I was leaning toward Gus Bradley, but I like the decision.



Surprised of course but not shocked over th Eagles hiring of Chip Kelly as their head coach. Dismay will follow, however if it looks like we will have to endure another year of Vick at QB.

Kelly has been quoted as saying he was impressed with Foles when his Ducks played Arizona, so let’s hope he gives the kid a good shot to be his starter. If he finds someone who can run the defense as well as Jim Johnson did for Andy Reid, prospects just may be bright for our Birds.


Egg Harbor Township

I like the Kelly hiring. He is all about football. No wife, no kids, all football! He is a great evaluator of talent and that will help in the rebuild mode the Eagles currently are in. I think the Eagles got it right here. I like the style of offense he likes to run and the Eagles already have many players who will fit in that style. The next important step for him is to get a good defensive coach in. I would like to see them bring in Rob Ryan. They need to get back to that physical type of defense that they had for many years. I do not think they are ready to contend so I don’t think it makes much sense to bring back Vick. Also, I don’t think Foles is the answer in his mobile QB style offense that he likes to run. All in all, the Eagles are a better team today than they were yesterday.


Mays landing

Here we go again! Let me stop right there. I’m going to put trust in the owner and welcome Chip Kelly. But let me tell you something: keep on losing and I’m gonna be a real Philly fan and start talking crazy. Oh best wishes, come in hard and let those players go who need to go. And by the way Philly, it’s going to take some time. Vick or Foles will need a healthy offensive line, a defense that never gives up, and please get some special team players! Not sure if this is the right move but hey, think back when Andy came to Philly. Chip Kelly: it’s your time and I’ll be right there watching and cheering as always.


Rio Grande

No question that this is a high risk/high reward move. The known — Nick Foles is not the QB to run this offense. The unknown — there is not a QB in this year’s draft to run this offense. Ideally, Johnny Manziel falls into their lap in 2014 draft. A lot will depend on the draft they have this year though if indeed the head coach has the input necessary to get the players who fit his offense



This is who the Eagles wanted all along, so to that it is a positive hiring. But it’s only going to be as good as the staff Chip Kelly puts together. The players are there to have a quick turnaround, but like I stated, it depends on who else is hired and how quickly the players can pick up the new schemes.


Port St. Lucie, Florida

The Eagles got their man today which is good. Now do we have the personnel to run his offense effectively? He is a proven big time college winner. Now he has to prove to us Eagle fans he can win in the pros. So my answer is we will see what this man can do. I hope he can get this team back to winning and playing tough. Defense has a lot of questions and this guy is offensively minded so where does that leave us? But he is the Eagles coach so he is my coach. Lets go Birds in 2013.



The Eagles shocked everybody by hiring Chip Kelly as their head coach and I kind of like it. It was bold, it’s risky and it has a chance to really pay off. It could also blow up in their face, but I applaud them for taking the risk.

The national media tried to make the Eagles job sound unappealing, but hiring Kelly, the top available college head coach should put that to rest. Kelly will bring offensive creativity that we have not seen in years. He’s known for a fast paced spread offense, but he’s also said many times he adapts his offense to his players. Our former coach was the opposite and kept trying to jam the round peg into the square hole.

Kelly is not without risks. Will his style work in the NFL ? He has no NFL experience and he’s been known to change his mind very quickly, so will he bolt if things get a little tough ? It may or may not work, but the Eagles swung for the fences and win or lose, things just got a lot more interesting and that’s all you can ask for at this point.



My initial reaction is that this is an excellent hire. In the last four years, he has led his Oregon team to 11th, third, fourth and second rankings in the nation. Quite a record with this high-powered offense. He obviously knows how to coach, but let’s wait for a couple of drafts before we decide how good he is at picking talent.

I also want to see what he has to say after his first pro loss. If it is anything like “time’s yours” or “I have to do a better job of putting players in position to make plays,” we have a problem.



Whoever heard of the Oregon Ducks before Chip Kelly made them a top-five team in the country for the last four years. Why did Bill Belichick bring Kelly to New England in the offseason to pick his brain on the up-tempo offense they run now? Because this guy is a progressive and disciplined coach who will in time get us to where we want to go. His teams have averaged more than 45 points a game the last four years against some of the best college teams in the country. I’m very pleased and look forward to the years ahead.Go Eagles.



Chip Kelly is really a gimmick coach. He blew his team’s chance to play in the national championship game in the Stanford game. It was at halftime in that game that I realized he wasn’t a pro coach.

The NFC East is a different world from the Pac-12.

Does this scenario seem familiar? He was in a BCS game four times, including one national championship game and lost.

To refresh your memory — Andy had four NFC championship game appearances and one Super Bowl appearance — zero championships

Here we go again. I say in three years he’s back in college ball.


Egg Harbor Township

Most coaches are only as good as their players are. Yikes! Hopefully Chip Kelly is a better drafter of players than Andy Reid was because there are gaping holes to fill on defense, especially the secondary. It would be nice to see some players on the Eagles who actually play for the love of the game and not the green$$$. Mr. Kelly, I hope you came to Philly for the love of coaching and not completely for the $$$. Your work is cut out for you and I hope you make the offense as exciting as it was in Oregon.


Atlantic City

Coach Kelly brings an energy and excitement level to the Eagles organization that has been missing for a long time. The entire Eagles Nation can now rally behind this great offensive innovator and hope that he can turn collegiate success into NFL championships.



Only time will tell what this change will bring. Andy, in my opinion, was a ego-maniac, and yes his record was good but he did not deliver the ultimate goal to us true Eagles fans. Hopefully Chip Kelly will clean house and start fresh with a whole new staff and make changes with the team. Rebuild, be inventive and please don’t be afraid to call players out when it’s deserved. No more “it starts with me,” and “I have to do a better job.” We want a fresh start and are willing to go through the rebuilding years. Good luck to you Chip!



Well Jeffrey and Howie rolled the dice on this hiring! With NCAA sanctions hanging over Kelly’s head and the possibility of his suspension at Oregon plus having a boat load of money thrown at him, helped his decision to head East.

As a coach who has the same tendencies as our last coach Andy Reid (small offensive/defensive linemen and ends ), I would have preferred Greg Roman over coach Kelly, but we must give him time to sink or swim. Hopefully Mike Vick is not in his rebuilding plans and he works the draft properly to make our Eagles the proud franchise we were just a few years ago !

Thumbs up to the Eagles for at least trying to stay one up on Joe Banner and the Cleveland Browns !

E-A-G-L-E-S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The hunt for a head coach felt like it involved about as many people as the Mummers Parade (and took about as long to complete). I’m happy that at the end of the hunt, they bagged a Duck.

Ultimately, the Eagles made an exciting and excellent hire. The organization couldn’t have chosen a better candidate from the collegiate ranks. I look forward to Kelly installing his outstanding high-octane offense. I expect McCoy, Maclin, Jackson and maybe even Michael Vick, will “chip” in more next season. I now have a rosy outlook for the Birds thanks to this Rose Bowl winner.



What!!!!! The Eagles signed the author of the blur offense? I’m hopeful this will work out. It seems that the college style read option is the new vogue in the NFL. Kelly epitomizes it. I wanted Jon Gruden, but I can live with Chip Kelly. Now he needs a QB to handle his offense, assuming he will go the way of the blur. Mike Vick is damaged goods; Nick Foles is immobile; Alex Smith may be available; Geno Smith (WV QB) may be draft available. Go Eagles! And a word of advice to CK — BEAT DALLAS!



Can’t say too much about Chip Kelly, except that he’s Irish and likes teams that wear GREEN. I do know that he resurrected the Oregon Ducks and made them a team to be feared and respected.

How many days until training camp?

Welcome to Philadelphia, Chip Kelly! Where the fans love their Eagles and know their football!

Good Luck!



Why did Chip Kelly change his mind and decide to take the head coaching job with the Eagles? There are a lot of questions that Kelly will have to answer and the first one will be who is your starting QB next season? Can Kelly make the players respond to his new offensive system? What positions are you looking to fill with the fourth overall draft pick? Who will be the assistant coaches who Kelly will be bringing in to work with the team?

I am anxious to see Kelly’s press conference on Thursday to see how he handles both the press and our fans. Both groups are known around the league to be opinionated and hard to please. I wish Coach Kelly well as he makes the move to the NFL from college coaching. I hope our record next season is much better than last year.