106 – Pat D’Arcy, HS p. Justin Bishop, MR 1:54; Eric Pruszinski, LCM d. Colin Donahue, SA 6-2.

113 – Zach Hicks, LCM p. Reid White, SA 2:35; Luis Rivera, BR p. Yanni Patsaros, A 5:52.

Latest Video

120 – Tom Gattinella, SA p. Sal Marandino, BR 2:35; Zach Valcarce, LCM p. Kenny Dale, MT 1:18.

126 – Billy Ward, BR p. Patt McGinnis :53; Ed Donahue, SA tf. Conor Stabile, O 18-2 (4:00).

132 – Shawn Bryant, EHT md. Cliff Owens, OC 13-3; Jarred Hodges, SA d. Chaz Bramble, BR 5-1.

138 – Eric Hanusewicz, CC d. Nick Clark, SA 2-1; Brandon Bower, HS d. Jarett Pierotti, BR 7-4.

145 – Dillan Berghof, BR md. Ty Altieri, LCM 9-1; Jack Willette, A by injury default vs. Ed Sooy, HS.

152 – John Mallett, MT p. Jackson Sole, LCM 3:18; John Fitzpatrick, MR md. Joe Cutugno 12-1.

160 – Cesar Balmaceda, AC p. James Brady, SA 1:57; James Ingersol, EGT d. Bryan Bellace, CC 12-6.

170 – Cooper Gallagher, OC md. Stacey Solomon 11-3; Tyler Sentman, SA p. Tim Lenzsch, MR 5:03.

182 – John Benard, O d. Eric Wollerman, EHT 6-1; Frank Zeigler, LCM d. Lierana Percy, AC 7-2.

195 – Cory Damiana, LCM p. Will Sanz, A :30; Cory Pietrzyk, SA d. Tommy Rheault, CC 6-4.

220 – Nigel Toussaint, EHT d. Tiger Kirvay, A 3-2; Ty Warren, BR d. Josh Johnson, OC 5-3.

285 – Tom Lynd, SA p. Roman Rudisill, A 3:28; Ray Ellis, A p. Lucas Pearson, OC 1:11.

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