The 36th Ocean City Marlin & Tuna Club's Overnight Billfish ended Friday, but only one boat was expected to sail on the final day.

Brian Logue provided the unofficial results that are likely to stand.

The heaviest tuna weighed 232 pounds and was caught by Thomas Garmany on the Viking 70 out of New Gretna. Troy Shadoin on Trust Me II was second in tuna, and Andrew Hall on Sailmaker third at 139.5 pounds.

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Trust Me II was the overall tuna standings leader with three other bigeye tuna in addition to the overall heaviest, and the boat and Shadoin also caught the biggest mahi at 26.5 pounds.

Polarizer had three white marlin to take the billfish release title. Outrage and Viking 70 each had one white marlin release.

The tournament weighstation is at Ocean City Yacht Club, and if anything was caught on the final day, Friday into today, it has to hit the scales from 1-4 p.m. today. The tournament started Monday.

The 44th White Marlin Invitational held last week at Beach Haven Marlin & Tuna Club was important for Long Beach Island.

First, just the fact that it was held was a big deal. Tournament director Matt Garabedian said the "biggest thing was to carry on the tradition." The clubhouse was obliterated by Sandy. They had a tent up where the clubhouse had been been. Garebedian said the club members really pulled together and that this revival "will go down in the books as very important."

At one point, they fed 400 people. They were left with four T-shirts and one hat. They had a kitchen and two bars working. He said they blew a circuit only once. The one downer: They did not have any coffee.

What they will have is a new clubhouse. Garebedian said they will start work on that shorly after Labor Day.

The early results were printed here Tuesday, but it is official now. Goin' In Deep and Larry Hesse Sr. took $53,710 for a 203.6-pound bigeye tuna, and that crew also topped mahi with a 32.6-pounder. Hubris and Damien Romeo had bigeye weighing 163.6, 136.6, 117.1 and 90.9 to take the tuna title.

This coming week, many of the sportfishing crews will be in Ocean City, Md., for the White Marlin Open, and then the action heads back to Cape May for the Mid-Atlantic $500,000 with competition days from Aug. 19-23 out of Canyon Club.

Flounder reports

The flounder keeper ratio seems to have taken a dive, with a lot more smaller fish in the back bays.

Dave Showell, who just returned from a business trip to Guatemala, where he is partners in a charterboat operation, said the bays are full of what he described as "pan fish" and that seems to be keeping flounder.

He said spot, croaker and triggerfish are hugging the sod banks. Chum for them and fish with small hooks and clam, bloodworm or Fish-Bites as bait. The ideal place is to anchor up close to a mussel bed or a drop-off close to a sod bank.

Showell caught a cold in Guatemala and also took one day to go fishing. He caught and released sailfish, which that area is known for, and picked up a dozen medium mahi on dead-flat calm seas. He said it is the rainy season there and the clouds keep it cool but not cold.

"They call it winter," he said.

He and business partner Dennis Wheeler set up a place to stay in Antigua - where Wheeler lives - for people to make the trip from this area for a fishing or sightseeing vacation.

"The neat thing is when I was down there it was during the hot spell here," he said.

Jim Lutz, captain of the Avalon charterboat Nev-R-Enuf had a booze cruise Friday afternoon, and said from the boat that his charters have been regularly catching 30 flounder. On Wednesday, they went 3-for-30 with keepers vs. short flounder, and he fished deeper water in the channel inside Avalon leading to Townsends Inlet.

Lutz also said he has tried trolling inshore a couple of times recently and has caught a lot of 1-pound bluefish but nothing else.

Maryann Anagnou said everyone went running from the fishing pier at Dad's Place in North Wildwood when the weather unloaded on them around 2 p.m. Thursday. She gave everyone a raincheck and five of them were back Friday. She also had four rental boats beat it back to the dock.

The fishing pier there has been busy. Anagnou said flounder fishing has been really good. She rented all her fishing poles Friday. Julie Barianly and Tom Stallone from Williamstown caught nine keepers 18-22 inches each from a rental. And she said "they were out now" when she was called Friday mid-day.

She also said there are a lot of spot, and that kingfish are still good. Plus, she said crabbing is great, too. One guy had 15 blueclaws - all 5-5 inches - and brought his wife with him the next time out and added 17 to the pot.

Got an e-mail message about an interesting catch. Maureen Vaughan was fishing from a water jet in Absecon Inlet on Thursday. It was the second time she tried it and, according to John Pilla, she had sand sharks the first time. But she caught short flounder Thursday until they were about to pull the lines in on one final drift. Pilla said Vaughan said "wait a minute" and she hauled in a 4.7-pound, 23 -inch flounder.

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