Interesting how a lackluster Phillies season moves those who are also Eagles fans into a veritable frenzy when preparing for the 2013 NFL Season. A new coach and system after the slow decline of the Reid years now dominate sports pages and talk shows.

There's over two months of Phillies baseball left and they will either be chasing a fading playoff dream or begin building for the future. Since we've been totally immersed in the Charlie Manuel era these past nine years, the least we can do is stick with them the next two months no matter what they decide. There is plenty of time for us to start dissecting the Birds' play on a weekly basis. I feel it's time for a "Youth Movement."


Egg Harbor Township

Derek (Jeter) is nowhere near the end of his career. He still is the heart and soul of this Yankee team, even when he isn't on the field. He has always been considered the classiest player in all of sports. When he decides he has no more fuel in the tank, he will decide when to hang up his jersey. I think they should give him every opportunity to mend especially since they are still in striking distance of a playoff spot.

Next year they should bite the bullet and put Jeter on third base and let A-Rod move on.


Galloway Township