Second team

Paul Berges, Mainland Regional, Sr.

Andrew Burr, St. Augustine Prep, So.

Latest Video

Austin Campbell, St. Aug. Prep, Sr.

Vince Caraccio, Mainland Reg., Sr.

Mike Courter, Atlantic City, So.

Brendan Donnelly, St. Aug. Prep, So.

Andrew Duff, Egg Harbor Township, Fr.

Thomas Duff, Egg Harbor Township, Jr.

Mike Fiscus, Ocean City, Jr.

Trevor Gehring, Cape May Tech, Sr.

John Gregory, St. Augustine Prep, Jr.

Mike Toy, Atlantic City, Jr.

Brandon Truong, Mainland Reg., Jr.

Adam Vaul, Middle Township, Sr.

200 medley relay: Mainland Regional

Derek Kneisel, So.; Brian McGroarty, Fr., Brandon Truong, Jr.; Paul Berges, Sr.

200 freestyle relay: Mainland Regional

Paul Berges, Sr.; Michael Juliano, So.; Justin Liu, Fr.; Nolan Coyle, Sr.

400 freestyle relay: St. Augustine Prep

Luke Snyder, Fr.; Andrew Burr, So; John Gregory, Jr.; Matt Taccard, Sr.

Honorable mention

Joe Abbate, Egg Harbor Township, Sr.

Joey Abbott, Oakcrest, Sr.

Tyler Baldi, Oakcrest, Sr.

Luke Filarski, Egg Harbor Township, Sr.

Scott Jones, Atlantic City, Fr.

Derek Kneisel, Mainland Regional, So.

Justin Liu, Mainland Regional, Fr.

Taras Romanchuck, Vineland, Sr.

Ryan Seay, St. Augustine, So.

Luke Snyder, St. Augustine Prep, Fr.

Eric Sorensen, Wildwood Catholic, So.

John Tepper, Egg Harbor Township, Sr.

200 medley relay: Atlantic City

Thien Le, Sr.; Michael Courter, So.; Jorge Azcona, Sr.; Dean D'Alessandro, Sr.

200 freestyle relay: Oakcrest

Kyle Risley, Sr.; Ty Steele, Jr.; Tyler Baldi, Sr.; Joey Abbott, Sr.

400 freestyle relay: Mainland Regional

Brian McGroarty, Fr.; Justin Liu, Fr.; Brandon Truong, Jr.; Nolan Coyle, Sr.

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