The Middle Township High School boys track team beat Bridgeton 75.5 to 64.5 on Wednesday.

Middle's Colan Cooper won the long jump with a distance of 20 feet and 1 inch, and won the triple jump at 40 feet.

At Middle Twp

100-Mikal Wright B 11.0;200-Rasheed Marrow MT 24.1;400-Kevin Scott B 54.0;800-Ryan Herlihy MT 2:14.1;1,600-Herlihy MT 4:49.5;3,200-Herlihy MT 11:14; 110 hurdles-Wright B 16.4;400 hurdles-Cappadonna Miller B 58.4;4x400 relay-B (Scott, Fabian Cintron, Planter, Miller) 3:41.2;high jump-John Moores MT 5-4; long jump-Colan Cooper MT 20-1; triple jump-Cooper MT 40-0; shot put-Moores MT 44-8.5;javelin-Emmanual Pelzer MT 120-10; discus-Moores MT 148-1; pole vault-Mark Konczyk MT 9-8.

Records-Bridgeton 1-2, Middle 1-2.

Millville 106, Atlantic City 34;

Millville 86, Vineland 54;

Vineland 98, Atlantic City 41

At Atlantic City

100-Ryquell Armstead M 10.5, Nikel Evans V 11.0 ;200-Armstead M 22.9, Jeremiah Atoki V 23.4;400-Mitch Berrios M 53.9, Atoki V 52.9;800-Matt Rigoli M 2:15.8, Harrison Mayo V 2:12.6;1,600-Dustin Sutton M 4:45.6, Mayo V 4:42;3,200-Dustin Sutton M 10:31.7, Alex Slowinski V 11:24;110 hurdles-Kennedy Farquharson A 15.4, Darawan Kahonvay M 15.8;400 hurdles-Khaonvay M 1:01.5, Farquharson A 1:06.3;4x400 relay-M (Jomo Vierd, Armstead, Chris Harris, Berrios)3:38.2, V (Atoki Xavier Moley, Terrance Williams, Mikel Evans) 3: 37.2;high jump-Naeem Moley A 5-10 , Kevin Tull M 5-10; long jump-Randy Cooper A 18-0, Atoki V 18-4; triple jump-Terrance Patterson M 42-8.25, Atoki V 41-5.5;shot put-Kacey Catalano M 46-5, Ian Parr V 39-8; javelin-Tull M 164-9, Chris Atoki V 115-11; discus-Catalano M 118-9, Parr V 128-9 ; pole vault-Logan McHenry A 11-0, Darwin Khonvay M 10-6, .

Records-AC 0-5 .

Buena Regional 113,

Holy Spirit 23;

Buena Regional 112

Lower Cape May Regional 18;

Lower Cape May Regional 64

Holy Spirit 47

At Lower Cape May

100-Rahim Harris 10.5 HS, Quidar Albright B 10.9, Mike Julia B 11.8;200-Quadir Albright BR 23.2, Harris HS 23.7, Jean Zebrowski L 24.1;400-A.J. Dawson HS 51.3, Jerry Tillman BR 53.7, Zebrowski L 54.2;800-Anthony Forrest BR 2:08.1, Matt Claus BR 2:12, Medio BR 2:26;1,600-Julio Martinez BR 4:50.2, Claus BR 4:50.77, Billy Francz BR 4:59.3;3,200-Bob Hachson L 10:41 Martinez BR10:46, Elijah Crouch BR 11:06; 110 hurdles-Cameron Gayle BR 16.4, S. Scott BR 16.9, David Bond B, 17.5;400 hurdles-Bond BR 1:02.8, Crouch BR 1:03.1, Brandon Bauer L 1:21.3;4x400 relay-Buena (Mike Julia, Gail, Forrest, Jamal Tillman) 3:36.3, HS 3:41.1, Lower 4:15.7 ;high jump-Love Scot BR 5-6, Velazquos BR 5-4, Augusto BR 5-0; long jump-Ethan Harris BR 20-3, Scott BR 19-9.75, James Tillman BR 18-5.75;triple jump-Mike Julia BR 36-5.25, Shaquille Scott BR 35-9;shot put-Ray Ellis HS 40-2.25, Jim Volpe L 39-2.25,Antonio Rodriguez BR 37-1 ;javelin-Ian Fike BR 146-9, Nate Fischer L 133-1, Dondre Dennis HS 116-2.25;discus-Tom Sharp BR 109-5, Jordan Aikens BR 108-0, Rodriguez BR 99-6; pole vault-Josh Olive BR 96.

Records-Buena 5-0; Holy Spirit , Lower Cape May Regional 1-1 .

Oakcrest 108,

Mainland Regional 32

At Mainland

100-Luke Coffey O 12.6;200-Coffey O 23.8;400-Ladarrell Dixon O 52.4;800-Ish Muhammad O 2:04.1;1,600-Muhammad O 4:56.7;3,200-Kevin Famaroo O 10:52.7;110 hurdles-Justin Walsh M 15.9;400 hurdles-Muhammad O 1:00.2;4x400 relay-O (Coffey, Stokes, Arrington, Dixon) 3:44.5;high jump-Hunter Soens M 16-0; long jump-Brandon Younger O 20-7 ; triple jump-Dixon O 43-7.75;shot put-Kenny Randall M 47-3.25;javelin-Terrance Smith O 150-1.25;discus-Kelly Grillo M 119-3; pole vault-Roy Rodriguez O 11-6.

Records-Mainland 0-2 ; Oakcrest 4-0.

Girls track and field

Millville 120, Atlantic City 20;

Millville 102.5, Vineland 37.5;

Vineland 93.5, Atlantic City 42.5

At Millville

100-Lamera Rhett M 13.0, Tia Brown V 13.3, Bethone 13.4 ;200-Rhett M 26.8, D'Andra Pleasant V 27.2, Lee M 27.7 ;400-Tamara Laracuente M 1:02.4,Tiah Brown V 1:03.2, Jasmine Brooks A 1:04.5 ;800-Alex Reyes V, 2:35.1Valerie Thaler M 2:36.0, Simpkins M 2:37.7;1,600-McKenzie Springsteadah M 5:36.0, Reyes V 6:01.3, Jackie Askins V 6:03.1 ;3,200-Springsteadah M 12:41.2, Askins V 13:11.8, Smith 13:19.3 ;100 hurdles-Kaitlyn Dermen M 16.1, Saldana M 17.1, Lee 27.7;400 hurdles-Dermen 1:11.1, Thaler M 1:11.9;4x400 relay-M (Dermen, Alyssa Simpkins, Laracuente, Rhett) 4:19; high jump-Satara Scafe M 4-10,; long jump-Diane Moran M 15-08.25, Scafe M 15-6.5;triple jump-Jada Jefferson A 31-10.5, Saldana 31-10;shot put-Cameron V 33-08, Desiree Belle M 33-06.25, Danea V 33-4.5;javelin-Gabrielle Crawford M 113-02.5, Teresita Bennett V 112-9, Niyah Cosme V 112-4.5;discus-Andrea Glover V 93-1.25, Belle M 92-05, Danea Wint V 91-8;pole vault-Dermen M 11-06, Saldana M and Laura Ortiz AC 9-0.

Records-Atlantic City 0-5; Millville 1-0; Vineland

Note:Ortiz sets new school record in pole vault for AC.

Ocean City 83, Hammonton 57

At Hammonton

100-Tamara Webster H 12.7;200-Webster H 26.6;400-Cierra Granger OC 1:05; 800-Bridget Flynn OC 2:18; 1,600-Flynn OC 5:24; 3,200-Devon Grisbaum OC 12:03; 100 hurdles-Courtney Conway H 16.0;400 hurdles-Rachel Stremme OC 1:08; 4x400 relay-OC (Flynn, Granger, Grisbaum, Stremme) 4:14; high jump-Natalie Cowan H 4-10; long jump-Taylor Price OC 15-91/2; triple jump-Price OC 32-5; shot put-Maddie Bradway OC 32-21/4; javelin-Farris Ellington H 120-9; discus-Bradway OC 112-10; pole vault-Caroline Fitzpatrick H 8-0.

Records-O.C. 1-1, Hammonton 1-1.

Buena Regional 86,

Lower Cape May Regional 53

At Lower Township

100-Lizzy Sulecki LCM 13.0;200-Sulecki LCM 26.9;400-Quinn Bithell LCM 1:03.8;800-Kristen Siegle B 2:35.0;1,600-Siegle B 5:58.1;3,200-Gina Testa B 13:06; 100 hurdles-Ally Dickson B 18.3;400 hurdles-Bithell LCM 1:10.5;4x400 relay-B (Lisa Testa, Gianna Cone, Dickson, Rachel Leyrer) 4:36.8;high jump-Bithell LCM 5-2; long jump-Bithell LCM 15-111/2; triple jump-Emily Leyrer 31-4; shot put-Lynn Brown B 31-2; javelin-Brown B 93-2; discus-Carrie Wunder LCM 97-2; pole vault-(tie) L. Testa B and Dickson B 7-0.

Lower Cape May Regional 102.5,

Holy Spirit 27.5

At Lower Township

100-Lizzy Sulecki LCM 13.0;200-Sulecki LCM 26.9;400-Asia Young HS 1:02.9;800-Kristy Goff HS 2:41.2;1,600-Destiny West LCM 6:06.8;3,200-Susanna Beteta LCM 14:10; 100 hurdles-Jasmine West LCM 19.6;400 hurdles-Bithell LCM 1:10.5;4x400 relay-HS (Brittany Hull, Maria Baldino, Goff, Danielle Conaghy) 4:47.5;high jump-Bithell LCM 5-2; long jump-Young HS 16-51/2; triple jump-D. West LCM 30-1/4;shot put-Navaeh Ball LCM 28-0; javelin-Sulecki LCM 91-6; discus-Carrie Wunder LCM 97-2; pole vault-not held.

Records-LCM 1-1.

Of note-Bithell set a Lower school record in high jump.

Buena Regional 120,

Holy Spirit 18

At Lower Township

100-Emily Leyer BR 13.6;200-Leyer BR 28.3;400-Asia Young HS 1:02.9;800-Kristin Siegle BR 2:35.0;1,600-Siegle BR 5:58.1;3,200-Gina Testa BR 13:06; 100 hurdles-Aly Dickson BR 18.3;400 hurdles-Brittany Hall HS 115.5;4x400 relay-BR (Rachel Leyer, Gianna Cone, Lisa Testa, Dickson) 436.8;high jump-R. Leyer BR 4-4;long jump-Young HS 16-5.5;triple jump-E. Leyer BR 31-4;shot put-Lynn Brown BR 31-2; javelin-Brown BR 93-2; discus-Cassidy Shepard BR 78-10; pole vault-(tie) Dickson BR, Lisa Testa HS 7-0.

Southern Regional 110,

Toms River North 30;

Southern Regional 133,

Brick Memorial 7

100-Rizzo SR 12.4;200-Angellella SR 26.3;400-Angellella SR 1:01.4;800-Hammel SR 2:28.1;1,600-Mooney SR 5:29.7;3,200-Mooney SR 12:11.5;100 hurdles-Byrd TRN 14.5;400 hurdles-Burnup SR 1:06.6;4x400 relay-Southern (Decker, Hammel, Chartier, Burnup) 4:12.9;high jump-Angellella SR 5-2; long jump-Byrd TRN 17-4; triple jump-Byrd TRN 35-2; shot put-Barsch SR 36-9.5;javelin-Redwin TRN 106-9; discus-Ferringo SR 98-5; pole vault-Alessi SR 8-6.

Records-Southern 4-0, TR North 2-1, Brick 1-3.

Note:Only last names were available.

From Tuesday

Absegami 120, Atlantic City 19

At Absegami

100-Genia Nurse A 13.1;200-Kayla Miller A 29.4;400-Tatiana Beautils A 1:04; 800-Kathleem Algo A 2:38.9;1,600-Katra Naame AC 5:46; 3,200-Marielle Indya A 13:39; 100 hurdles-Mariah Hubbard A 16.9;400 hurdles-JoJo Johnson A 1:12.5;4x400 relay-Absegami (Summer Jarolmen, Beautils, Miller, Johnson) 4:16.4;high jump-Rachel Edwards A 4:10; long jump-Miller A 15-7.5;triple jump-Danielle McNeil A 31-6.5;shot put-Barbera Gedeon A 33-11; javelin-Taylor Bates A 104-8; discus-Gedeon A 105-9; pole vault-Laura Ortiz AC 8-0.

Absegami 84, Oakcrest 56

At Absegami

100-Genia Nurse A 13.1;200-Kayla Miller A 29.4;400-Aisha Muhammed O 1:03.5;800-Kathleen Ngo A 2:38.9;1,600-Jess Fraone O 6:07; 3,200-Fraone O 13:15; 100 hurdles-Selarah Dennis O 16.2;400 hurdles-Muhammad 1:10.1;4x400 relay-Absegami (Summer Jarolmen, Tatiana Beatils, Miller, Jo Jo Johnson) 4:16.4;high jump-Rachel Edwards A 4:10; long jump-Miller 15-7.5;triple jump-Karesha Foster 32-4.5;shot put-Barbara Gedeon A 33-11; javelin-Taylor Bates A 104-8; discus-Gedeon A 33-11; pole vault-Sarah Polistina A 7-6.

Records-Absegami 2-0, Oakcrest 1-2.

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