ATLANTIC CITY - The thermometer on the third floor of the Atlantic City PAL already read more than 80 degrees and was still climbing on Monday afternoon.

Somers Point super-middleweight Isiah Seldon said it felt great.

"Considering how hot it is at my house, this is gorgeous," Seldon said. "There's no power, no nothing where I live. I'm up at 5 o'clock every morning because it's too hot to sleep."

Seldon, who lives at Brandywine Apartments on New Road, said the complex has been without power since a violent storm Friday night and Saturday morning caused a nearby tree to bring down the power lines. Residents have been told won't likely won't have any power for at least another couple of days.

The 23-year-old son of former heavyweight champion Bruce Seldon staged an impromptu cookout at his apartment Sunday, inviting neighbors over for hamburgers, chicken and fish on the grill.

"We had to cook all the food in our freezer or it was going to go bad," Seldon said. "I went from 165 pounds to 169. The only good thing about it is I have to work out even harder now to get the weight off. But I don't mind. I'd rather be here than sweating inside my house."

Somers Point middleweight Patrick Majewski (18-1, 12 KOs), who will fight Chris Fitzpatrick (15-1, 6 KOs) for the NABF title at Bally's Atlantic City on Saturday, also has been without power at his home since Saturday.

Because he has to make the 160-pound weight limit Friday, however, he couldn't afford to eat more than his allotted portions, even if it meant throwing food away.

"The heat doesn't bother me that much," Majewski said at the PAL. "I usually keep my house at 80 degrees, anyway. I set the air conditioner just low enough to keep the humidity away. I'll be more upset if the food gets wasted. I've been putting ice on the stuff in my freezer, so it's OK for now."

Majewski's training has been so intense that he has yet to summon the energy to clean his yard.

"Our yard is the only one in the neighborhood with leaves and branches still on it," he said with a laugh. "I just haven't had time to clean it up. I'll probably wind up giving somebody $10 or $20 to do it for me. This is a big fight for me and I can't let anything get in my way."

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