The Wildwood Crest Beach Patrol took first place in only one race but won its fourth straight team title Monday at the Tri-Wood Lifeguard Championships at Lincoln Avenue Beach in Wildwood.

The 11th annual event is for younger lifeguards, from rookie to fourth year. Scoring was 3-2-1 for the first three places.

Wildwood Crest placed in five of the six races and won with 12 points. Sea Isle City took second with eight points and Wildwood was third with seven.

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Wildwood Crest clinched it by taking first and second place in the final race, the sprint mixed-doubles row. Nick Tyson and Taylor Hammeke won the race for the Crest in 6 minutes, 18 seconds, and teammates Wade Wintersteen and Mary Ann Lerro were second in 6:20.

Wildwood's Tom Coleman won the paddleboard race. North Wildwood's Tim DeNofa and Jim Long took the sprint doubles row for non-rookies, and Ses Isle's Evan Rundgren and Jake Newsome won the rookie sprint doubles.

Sea Isle's Amodeo DeLuca won the singles row for non-rookies. Long Beach Township's Tim Caulfield was first in the box-swim for rookie guards.


Team scoring 1. Wildwood Crest 12 2. Sea Isle City 8 3. Wildwood 7 4. North Wildwood 6 5. Long Beach Township 3.

Quarter-mile paddleboard race (fourth-year guards and under) 1. Tom Coleman, Wildwood 7:10; 2. Terry Boyle, North Wildwood 7:18; 3. Steve Tarnowski, Wildwood Crest 7:33.

Quarter-mile print doubles row (Second-to-fourth-year guards) 1. North Wildwood (Tim DeNofa-Jim Long) 5:28; 2. Wildwood (Pat Brown-Corey Clark) 5:42; 3.Wildwood Crest (Justin Fritz-Kevin Kelly) 5:48.

Quarter-mile sprint doubles row (rookie guards) 1. Sea Isle City (Evan Rundgren-Jake Newsome) 5:46; 2. Sea Isle City (Trevor Tuthill-Nick Matousch) 5:47; 3. Wildwood Crest (Sean Kilgannon-Dan Preto) 6:07.

Quarter-mile singles row (Second-to-fourth-year guards) 1. Amodeo DeLuca, Sea Isle City 6:07; 2. Nick Tyson, Wildwood Crest 6:08; 3. Corey Clark, Wildwood 6:11.

600-yard box-swim (rookie guards) 1. Tim Caulfield, Long Beach Township 10:06; 2. Cody Dentroux, Long Beach Township 10:26; 3. Cole Palombo, Sea Isle City 10:36. Note-The race had cross country scoring, with three from each patrol competing, and Long Beach Township won the event.

Quarter-mile sprint mixed doubles (fourth-year guards and under) 1. Wildwood Crest (Nick Tyson-Taylor Hammeke) 6:18; 2. Wildwood Crest (Wade Wintersteen-Mary Ann Lerro) 6:20; 3. Wildwood (Corey Clark-Myra McCann) 6:61.

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