Love'Uan Scott

Buena Regional High School sophomore Love'Uan Scott has rushed for 686 yards and three touchdowns this season. He had 176 yards and two touchdowns last week ina win over Pleasantville. Scott also excels at linebacker for the Chiefs.

Love'Uan Scott has grabbed the attention of local high school football fans this season.

The Buena Regional sophomore has done it with his running ability.

And then there's his eye-grabbing first name.

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Scott has rushed 120 times for 686 yards and three touchdowns. The 5-foot-11, 175-pound Scott ran for 176 yards and two touchdowns in last Friday's 50-18 win over Pleasantville. Scott also excels at linebacker for the Chiefs.

As for his first name, it's pronounced "Love-Juan," but Scott's friends just shorten it to "Love."

He'll lead Buena (2-4) against Mainland Regional (2-3) tonight. Kickoff is at 7 p.m. at Mainland.

Scott lives in the Newtonville section of Buena Vista Township. In a telephone interview Wednesday, Scott spoke about several topics, including his unusual first name and how he became a football player.

On the origin of his first name: My mom named me Love'Uan because my grandmother, Juanita, died when she was pregnant with me. She just liked the name Love, so she just added Love (to the beginning of Juanita).

On how people react to his name: It's unusual. People don't hear it a lot. I get a lot of comments on it, and a lot of girls seem to like it.

On his personality: I'm laid back.

On how he started playing football: I was 7 years old. My dad signed me up. I was good at it, so I played it the rest of my life. I wanted to play. I watched the NFL a lot. I was always a running back, but I always played defense as a linebacker.

On playing as a sophomore against juniors and seniors: I'm not nervous. I used to play a lot of backyard football against older kids.

On his favorite NFL team: I like the Jets. I like (Winslow Township graduate and Jets running back) Shonn Greene. He runs hard. I used to (live) in Winslow. His pictures are hung everywhere.

On a typical day at Buena Regional: I like it. There's a lot of cool friends. Everyone is happy.

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