The District 31 high school wrestling tournament will be held at Delsea Regional High School starting on Friday at 5:30 p.m. The meet will continue at noon Saturday with the semifinals, the consolations beginning at 3:30 and the finals at 5:30 p.m. Records of individual wrestlers were not available.


1. Josh Pineda, Vineland bye

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5. Tim Donnelly, Pennsville vs. 4. Charlie McLaughlin, Kingsway 3. Zach Goranson, Millville vs. 6. Tom Carney, Delsea 7. Hector Marrero, Cumberland vs. 2. Patrick Higgins, Woodstown


1. Josh Gallo, Schalick vs. 2. Michael Chila, Kingsway 5. Zach Kirkendoll, Woodstown vs. 4. Jacob Samuels, Pennsville 3. Chad Kahn, Millville vs. Nicholas Rio, Cumberland 7. Otto Arroyo, Delsea vs. 2. Zach Nealis, Vineland


1. Newt Richardson, Schalick vs. 8. Julian Yeh, Kingsway 5. Joe Heaton, Millville vs. 4. Josh Wyshinski, Pennsville 3. John Borelli, Delsea vs. 6. John Rizzo, Vineland 7. Keith Johnson, Woodstown vs. 2. Darrian Brooks, Penns Grove


1. Will Elliott, Cumberland bye

5. Luis Andrion, Vineland vs. 4. John Pierson, Delsea 3. Elias Garcia, Millville vs. 6. Patrick Lodge, Woodstown 7. Gain O'Connell, Penns Grove vs. 2. John Ecret, Pennsville



John Irwin, Cumberland vs. Frank Pepitoni, Schalick First round 1. John Hennelly, Delsea vs. Irwin/Pepitoni winner 5. Jonathon Rodriguez vs. 4. David McCullough, Kingsway 3. Jacob Smith, Pennsville vs. 6. Jackson Baker, Penns Grove 7. Billy Betancourt, Millville vs. Connor Bestwick, Woodstown



Dylan Recinto, Delsea vs. Vincent Heredia, Vineland First round 1. Michael Morris, Kingsway vs. Recinto/Heredia winner 5. Deon Henry, Schalick vs. 4. Dylan Weiss, Woodstown 3. George Carty, Millville vs. 6. John Evans, Penns Grove 7. Rian Lamanteer, Cumberland vs. Adrian Feliciano, Pennsville



Brandon Green, Millville vs. Joseph Roman, Cumberland First round 1. Curt Delia, Delsea vs. Green/Roman winner 5. Hart, Schalick vs. 4. Brandon Muessig, Vineland 3. Patrick McCurdy, Woodstown vs. Tristen Erney, Penns Grove 7. Nicholas Marandola, Kingsway vs. 2. Monty Krough, Pennsville



Cheyenne Cuevas, Vineland vs. Nicholas Anderson, Cumberland First round 1. Colton Newsome, Pennsville vs. Cuevas/Anderson winner 5. Vince Imparato, Kingsway vs. 4. Dylan Manno, Schalick 3. Ed Shockley, Millville vs. 6. David Gresk, Delsea 7. Khaleke Gilliam, Penns Grove vs. 2. Billy Williams, Woodstown


1. Dylan Dobzanki, Delsea vs. 8. Brandon Harris, Vineland 5. Dylan Robbins, Pennsville vs. 4. Anthoni Santiago, Woodstown 3. Trevor Mathias, Penns Groves vs. 6. Sean Platt, Millville 7. Shane Wexler, Kingsway vs. 2. Zach Rahl, Schalick


1. Nick Elmer, Penns Grove vs. Michael Coombs, Cumberland 5. Carl Hitzelberger, Schalick vs. Derrick DeWoody, Delsea 3. Billy Leone, Kingsway vs. 6. Colin Bunch, Woodstown 7. Tyler Kahn, Millville vs. 2. Steffen Rodriguez, Vineland


1. Chris Lail, Kingsway vs. 8. Nick Metzger, Schalick 5. Isaiah Coppage, Penns Grove vs. 4. Marshall Brooks, Delsea 3. Dustin Baionno, Woodstown vs. 6. Marcus Nelson, Vineland 7. Nick Marino, Millville vs. Anthony DeVito, Pennsville


1. Bryan Dobzanski, Delsea vs. 8. Josh Zeeman, Schalick 5. Nick Davis, Millville vs. 4. Timothy Esham, Pennsville 3. Taiwahn Cosby, Vineland vs. 6. Todd Batten, Woodstown 7. Jimmy Roane, Penns Grove vs. 2. Patrick Wexler, Kingsway


1. Nick Pustizzi, Schalick bye

5. Obie Kali, Millville vs. 4. Josh Kohler, Kingsway 3. Cylas Dorety, Woodstown bye 2. Sean Redden, Delsea bye



Jake Broom, Schalick vs. Tyrick Shanklin, Kingsway First round 1. Tre Porch, Delsea vs. Broom/Shanklin winner 5. Eugene Maisonave, Vineland vs. 4. Robert McKinney, Woodstown 3. Cody Dooley, Pennsville vs. 6. Fred DeMary, Millville 7. Jacob Paul, Cumberland vs. 2. Samuel Harvey, Penns Grove



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