The Middle Township High School wrestling team went 2-1 Saturday in a quad-match with Rahway, Lyndhurst and Kearny to record its first winning season since 2007. The Panthers improved to 13-10.

Meanwhile, Mainland Regional (10-20) swept its tri-match to reach the double-digit wins mark for the first time since 2002.

Lower Cape May Regional 43,

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Cedar Creek 27

106—Eric Pruszinski LCM p. Dean Mazza 3:30; 113—Tyshonn Williams CC won by forfeit; 120—Zack Hicks LCM p. Carlos Rivera 3:42; 126—Zach Valcarce LCM md. Austen McGinnis 8-0; 132—Matt Jiampetti CC p. Jared Osborn 4:48; 138—Noah Gomersall LCM md. Dillon Garth 8-0; 145—Ty Altieri LCM p. Aaron Solomon 3:54; 152—Jackson Sole LCM d. Kyle Murrey 11-0; 160—Bryan Bellace CC p. John Campbell 3:08; 170—Michael Carter CC won by forfeit; 182—Frank Ziegler LCM md. Thomas Rheault 12-4; *195—Cory Damiana LCM p. Christian Sandfort 3:37; 220—Ben Keating CC d. Josh Frederick 5-0; 285—Doug Flitcroft LCM d. Chris Brown 3-2 OT.

Records—Lower 13-14, C.C. 8-13.

Middle Township 54,

Kearny 22

Middle Township 50,

Lyndhurst 21

Rahway 51,

Middle Township 17

106—Joey Curtis MT (0-3); 113—Josh Rhile MT (0-3); 120—Matt Guido MT (1-0) won by forfeit K;Kenny Dale MT (2-0) p. 5:44 L, d. 4-0 R; 126— Dale MT (1-0) p. 2:16 K; Pat Williams MT (0-2); 132—Brandon Curtis MT (3-0) p. 4:39 K, p. 1:30 L, tf. 15-0 R; 138—Tyrell Hebron MT (1-2) won by forfeit K; 145—Jacob Kershaw MT (2-1) won by forfeit K, d. 5-4 L; 152—John Mallett MT (3-0) p. 2:14 K, tf. 18-3 L, d. 6-3 R; 160—Jake Canter MT (2-1) p. 4:34 K, p. 4:56 L; 170—Zjamirr Harrison MT (1-0) won by forfeit K, John Mooers MT (2-0) p. 2:38 L, p. 5:43 R; 182—Mooers MT (1-0) p. 3:03 K, Jame Loftus MT (1-0) p. :57 L, Barry Edwards MT (0-1); 195—Loftus MT (0-2), Harry Wozunk MT (1-0) p. 3:33 L; 220—Wozunk MT (0-2); 285—Jason Viola MT (1-2) won by forfeit L.

Records—Middle 13-10.

Robbinsville 60,

Pinelands Regional 21

New Egypt 45,

Pinelands Regional 18

Marlboro 46,

Pinelands Regional 20

106—Mike Heck PR (2-1) p. 1:19 R, d. 4-0 NE; 113—Sam March PR (0-3); 120—not contested; 126—Jon Kubricki PR (3-0) p. 5:14 R, d. 7-2 NE, won by forfeit M; 132—Tom Poklikuha PR (2-1) p. 4:54 R, d. 10-9 NE; 138—Corey Byrne PR (2-1) d. 7-6 R, tf. 16-0 M; 145—Kyle Mattina PR (1-1) d. 9-7 NE, Andrew Albanese PR (0-1); 152—James Mattina PR (1-1) p. :53 R, Albanese PR (0-1); 160—not contested; 170—Anthony Blasco PR (1-2) d. 7-5 M; 182—Ryan Bezak PR (1-2) p. :29 NE; 195—Max Schnepp PR (0-2); 220—Paul Lombardi PR (0-3); 285—David Wiesner PR (1-1) won by forfeit M, John Campano PR (0-1).

Records—Pinelands 7-17.

Audubon 63,

Holy Spirit 13

106—Shawn McLernon A won by forfeit; 113—Pat D’Arcy HS d. Louis Arensberg 2-0; 120—Bill Henry A p. Ryan Hoke 1:16; 126—Matt Brandon A won by forfeit; 132—Charles Livecchi A won by forfeit; 138—Brandon Bower HS md. Sam Kelley 17-3; 145—James Livecchi A won by forfeit; 152—Bob Tegan A d. Ed Sooy 7-3; 160—Devin McMonagle A p. Daniel Ramirez 1:57; 170—Brian Morris A won by forfeit; 182—Ryan Whalen A won by forfeit; 195—Anthony Cianfrini A won by forfeit; 220—Tyler Aceto A p. Matt Hoke :50; *285—Ray Ellis HS p. Justin Snyder :32.

Records—Spirit 5-22.

Mainland Regional 56,

Rumson-Fair Haven 18

Mainland Regional 36,

Central Regional 34

106—Justin Bishop MR (2-0) d. 1-0 RFH, p. 3:58 CR; 113—Frank Trifiletti MR (1-1) p. 1:10 RFH; 120—John DiNofrio MR (2-0) won by forfeit RFH, d. 6-5 CR; 126—Tim Velez MR (0-2); 132—Justin Walsh MR (0-2); 138—Garrett Ewing MR (2-0) p. 1:31 RFH, p. 1:27 CR; 145—Austin Amato MR (1-0) p. 1:43 CR; 152—John Fitzpatrick MR (2-0) p. :50 RFH, p. 1:02 CR; 160—Colin O’Hara MR (2-0) won by forfeit RFH, p. 1:40 CR; 170—Tim Lenzsch MR (2-0) tf. 21-6 4:44 RFH, d. 5-3 CR; 182—Kolin Roberts MR (1-1) won by forfeit RFH; 195—Eugene Tartaglione MR (1-1) won by forfeit RFH; 220—David Evans MR (1-1) won by forfeit RFH; 285—not contested.

Records—Mainland 10-20.

Ocean City 41,

St. Joseph 21

*106—Dustin Oves OC d. Eric Fallon 6-2; 113—double forfeit; 120—double forfeit; 126—Jason Keil OC p. Jimmy Coia :53; 132—Tom Suski SJ p. Shane Stack 3:10; 138—Cliff Owens OC tf. Doug Kramer 4:55, 15-0; 145—Vinny Levin OC won by forfeit; 152—Luke Demore OC p. Logan Laughlin 3:33; 160—Jeremy Grund OC d. Jesse Hutwagner 4-2; 170—Vincent Varallo OC p. Haydon Stojanov :44; 182—Christian LaFragola SJ d. Cooper Gallagher 6-5; 195—Silvio Maione SJ won by forfeit; 220—Josh Johnson OC won by forfeit 285—Roy Lucas SJ p. Clint Pearson :46.

*Match began at this weight

Ocean City 54,

Lindenwold 28

106—JaQuan Thomas L p. Dustin Oves 3:02; 113—David Harris-Norton L won by forfeit 120—Shawn Boyle L won by forfeit; 126—Jason Keil OC won by forfeit; 132—Shane Stack OC won by forfeit; 138—Cliff Owens OC won by forfeit; 145—Vinny Levin OC p. Robert King 3:50; 152—Luke Demore OC p. Sidney Daniels :48; 160—Jeremy Grund OC won by forfeit; 170—Vincent Varallo OC p. Andre Branison 3:56; 182—Cooper Gallagher OC p. Quashawn Hassan 2:39; 195—Troy Riley L won by forfeit; 220—Jamal Clark L md. Josh Johnson 20-10; *285—Clint Pearson OC p. Carlos Coleman 1:16

Winslow Township 50,

St. Joseph 21

*106—Jerwann Clark WT tf. Evan Fallon 21-5, 3:27; 113—Corey Nichols WT won by forfeit; 120—Jonathan Torres WT won by forfeit; 126—Jimmy Coia SJ p. Kenny Class 1:54; 132—Thomas McNeill WT p. Nick Santore 2:45; 138—Keshawn Branham WT tf. Doug Kramer 19-4, 5:46; 145—Bradley Kairis WT won by forfeit; 152—Ramone Giddings WT md. Logan Laughlin 10-2; 160—Christian Darling WT p. Jesse Hutwagner 1:41; 170—Christian LaFragola SJ d. Emmanuel Mitchell 7-3; 182—Silvio Maione SJ p. Muhammad Abdur-Razzaq 1:44; 195—double forfeit; 220—Jahfari Jackson WT won by forfeit; 285—Roy Lucas SJ won by forfeit.

Records—O.C. 15-8, S.J. 4-26.

Penns Grove 58,

Cumberland Regional 9

Gateway Regional 74,

Cumberland Regional 6

Woodstown 72,

Cumberland Regional 0

106—Nick Smith CR (0-3); 113—Andrew DiJoseph CR (1-2) d. 1-0 PG; 120—Nick Rio CR (1-2) won by forfeit PG; 126—Tyler Vit CR (0-3); 132—Joe Roman CR (1-2) p. 1:00 GR; 138—Brian Ambros CR (0-3); 145—Nick Anderson CR (0-3); 152—Dennis Garcia CR (0-3); 160—Daniel DeLuke CR (0-3); 170—Ed Williams CR (0-3); 182—Juan Chavez CR (0-3); 195—not contested; 220—not contested; 285—not contested.

Records—Cumberland 8-17.

*Match began at this weight

Hammonton 60,

Gloucester City 21

Hammonton 63,

Overbrook 12

Hammonton 51,

Triton Regional 21

106—Royce Butler H (2-1) p. :30 GC, won by forfeit TR; 113—Tim McFerren H (1-2) p. 5:31 O; 120—Scott Figueroa H (2-0) p. 3:33 GC, p. :24 TR, Marcos Alers H (0-1); 126—Austin Figueroa H (3-0) p. :33 GC, d. 7-6 O, md. 13-3 TR; 132—Lee Struble H (1-2) won by forfeit O; 138—Tristan Wagner H (1-0) p. :56 GC, Matt Bumbera H (1-1) d. 7-1 O; 145—Logan Fiorentino H (1-2) medical forfeit O ; 152—Nico Porretta H (3-0) p. 3:04 GC, p. :15 O, p. 2:00 TR; 160—Brian Siligato H (1-0) p. :26 GC, Kellen Whitney H (2-0) won by forfeit O, tf. TR; 170—Whitney H (1-0) p. 1:32 GC, Jack Hartman H (2-0) won by forfeit O, p. 3:00 TR;182—David Williams H (3-0) 1:19 GC, tf. O, p. 1:02 TR; 195—Brandon Beebe H (3-0) p. 1:07 GC, md. 12-2 O, p. 3:32 TR; 220—Tyler Armor H (1-0) p. :25 GC, Lenny Habinowski H (1-1) p. 1:57 O; 285—Rob Frederico H (2-1) p. :36 O, p. 3:21 TR.

Records—Hammonton 19-8.


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