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Transactions of real estate published Sunday, March 23

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Posted: Saturday, March 22, 2014 8:35 pm

Atlantic County


1100 Plaza Place, Wilbur Francis J, Marienski Cynthia to Escarge James M; 1/27/2014. $159,900

712 Oakhurst Ave., Elbertson Eleanor E, Elbertson Joseph H, Danz Dena L, Oberman Lori L to Rizzo Anthony, Rizzo Hannah; 1/28/2014. $65,000


3817 Ventnor Ave., Bayview Loan Serv Llc to Krantz Samuel; 1/30/2014. $46,000

4505 Boardwalk Unit A, Needleman George, Needleman Roberta to Albert Steven, Albert Alexis; 1/31/2014. $200,750

908 Keener Ave., 908 Keener Llc, Nine 0 Eight Keener Llc, Nine Hundred Eight Keener Llc to Forman Jerry, Forman Alysia; 1/31/2014. $36,500

37 S Iowa Ave., Lee Rita A to Tse Chuen Tai; 1/31/2014. $25,000


140 8th St South, Quinlan Timothy J P, Andros Teresa J, Quinlan Jane C to N Conti Inc; 1/27/2014. $175,000

104 11th St North, Esposto Frank V, Esposto Teresa , Vannice Lori to Gerber Norman H, Gerber Sandra L; 1/30/2014. $145,000

713 Lafayette Blvd, M&T Bank to Cantwell James; 1/30/2014. $140,000

38 Heald Road, Kullman Marie Lynn, Frost Elaine, Laffey Francis J, Laffey Joseph to Slizofski Morgan Miles, Slizofski Allison Shea; 1/30/2014. $225,000

713 W Shore Drive, Barba Vilma, Barba Roco to Stabinski Robert; 1/31/2014. $195,000

35 Heald Road, Marinelli Barbara F, Marinelli William J to Jeansonne Jesse, Jeansonne Kasey; 1/31/2014. $100,000


6517 Mill Road, Bartles Daniel, Bartles Deva to Plummer William G, Evert Plummer Debra, Plummer Debra Evert, Evert John A; 1/27/2014. $207,000

145 Longport Blvd C35, Maguire Aloysius J to Barcelles Nancy; 1/27/2014. $35,000


708 S 6th Ave., Mahowsky John, Ji Euna to Ji Euna; 1/27/2014. $97,000

614 S New York Road, Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Of The United Methodist Chu to Redeemed Christian Church Of God; 1/27/2014. $60,000

26 Garfield Ave., Coia Suzanne J to Watts James C; 1/27/2014. $186,000

538 E Jimmie Leeds Road, Cox James to Reece Edward J, Reece Karen; 1/30/2014. $335,000


7 Rembrandt Way, Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes to Chen Qi Y; 1/27/2014. $226,431

2 Rembrandt Way, Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes to Barker Frederick H, Barker Doreasa R; 1/27/2014. $269,172

6177 Laurel St., Schaulfer Arthur R, Schaulfer Mary to Gaines Billie; 1/30/2014. $164,000


129 N White Horse Pike, Bellevue Properties Dev Group 129 N White Horse Pike Llc, Bellevue Properties Dev Llc, Mortellite Family Ptnrshp, Mortellite George A to Marus Properties Llc; 1/29/2014. $450,000

416 N 2nd St., Benedetto Warren M, Benedetto Rocco A to Mcdowell Kevin R, Young Brent; 1/30/2014. $175,900


1801 West Ave., Vasser Jeffrey S, Steedman Vasser Angela, Vasser Angela Steedman to Riis Steven J, Riis Stephanie A; 1/27/2014. $435,000

401 W Joseph Ave., Ballias Konstantinos, Ballias Sofia to Mendelsohn Armand D; 1/30/2014. $171,000


209 N 33rd Ave., Scott Thomas L, Scott Joanne F, Thomas L Scott Tr, Joanne F Scott Tr to 209 33rd Ave Llc, Two O Nine 33rd Ave Llc; 1/28/2014. $500,000

111 S 28th St., Dugan Joseph, Dugan Lorraine to Feret Diane, Randi Osbornes Qualified Personal Residence Tr; 1/30/2014. $999,999

111 S 28th St., Dugan Joseph, Dugan Lorraine to Feret Diane, Cheryl Mcmenamins Qualified Personal Residence Tr, Mcmenamin Cheryl; 1/30/2014. $999,999

111 S 28th St., Dugan Joseph, Dugan Lorraine to Feret Diane, Kimberly Mcinerneys Qualified Personal Residence Tr; 1/30/2014. $999,999


7 North Mansfield Ave., Messina Robert J, Gunter Rosemary T to Sopinsky Brian I, Sopinsky Lisette; 1/30/2014. $750,000


15 Cove Ave., Ocean City Home Bk to Bates Wesley; 1/27/2014. $85,000

1634 New Road, Northfield Real Estate Corp to L&B Realty Llc; 1/27/2014. $765,000

810 Second St., Boor Brown Barbara A, Brown Barbara A Boor, Brown Barbara to Spencer Anne Marie; 1/30/2014. $128,000


713 Cresson Ave., Hill Edith to Spicer James, Spicer Deborah; 1/30/2014. $150,000


416 Shore Road, Karrer Robert N, Karrer Elizabeth A to Brown Gregory; 1/27/2014. $360,000


5007 Ventnor Ave., Millionaire Mom Ii Llc, Brufke Wenger Julie, Wenger Julie Brufke to Bucknam Michelle L; 1/29/2014. $85,000

6 S Baton Rouge Ave., Tinel Ulku to Parisotto Cindy; 1/30/2014. $375,000

4 N Newport Ave., Bowie Susan, Fleurov Ellen to Snyder Brian, Snyder Victoria; 1/31/2014. $112,000

209 N Washington Ave., Moore Bertha C, Greenberg Leslie, Moore Samuel to Hymson Frank, Hymson Robin; 1/31/2014. $212,000

Cape May County


252 E Atlantic Ave., Scott Peter D to Elizabeth Bratsberg A; 1/27/2014. $98,500

1304 Washington Ave., David Singley , Diana Singley Mary to William Stollsteimer F, Jean Stollsteimer G; 1/27/2014. $154,000

13 Village Road, Glenn Reagan A, Luann Reagan T to Robert Franke M, Ashley Franke ; 1/27/2014. $162,000

116 Shadeland Ave., Karilyn Banks A, Karilyn Mc Carthy A to James Iapalucci ; 1/27/2014. $85,500

212 Matthews Ave., Marcello Mogavero , Claudio Pawlus to Kevin Rooney , Patricia Rooney A; 1/28/2014. $112,250

116 W Hudson Ave., Pamela Kirby L to Theresa Fleshman M; 1/28/2014. $112,000

220 Roseann Ave., Robert Kuberski , Harriet Kuberski to Clifford Ivans J, Gail Ivans E; 1/29/2014. $173,000

306 Beechwood Ave., Christopher Jamison J, Richard Jamison , Angela Rodriguez to Sean Mc Gonigal B, Margaretha Mc Gonigal L; 1/30/2014. $180,000

212 Broadway, Wendy Faircloth , Grady Faircloth W to Wendy Faircloth ; 1/30/2014. $99,500


824 Goshen Road, Audrey Johnson C, Cristin Clarke , Brodie Johnson , Hollis Johnson to Denise Young E; 1/27/2014. $180,000

18 Paula Lane, Pasquale Conte J, Elizabeth Conte E to Garrett Thompson J, Destiny Brimfield D; 1/28/2014. $125,000

100 Roosevelt Blvd, Barbara Richards A to Frederick Patrizi ; 1/29/2014. $124,000

30 Seagrove Ave., P Casaba Real Estate Holding Cor to nvr Inc , Ryan Homes ; 1/29/2014. $90,000

6 North Main St., Louis Rodia A, Louis Rodia M, Ines Rodia B to johns Paradise Llc ; 1/31/2014. $180,000


304 Surf Avenue Unit 2, Susan Kantor to Steven Romasko E, Morgan Tweed E; 1/27/2014. $125,000

109 Seaview Court, Michael Morris , Michael Morris R, Debra Morris , Deborah Morris , D Morris , Jeffrey Smith , Donna Smith , Donna Smith L to Stefanie Emanuel ; 1/28/2014. $170,000

116 W 17th Ave., Joseph Talley F to mom Investments Llc ; 1/28/2014. $245,000

91 Illinois Avenue Unit B, James D’Amico P, Randi D’Amico C to Brian Collins S; 1/31/2014. $215,000


456 West Ave 1st Fl, Vincent Viney S, Kimberly Viney A to Ronald Wolf I; 1/27/2014. $329,900

415 West Surf Road, Brandon Weidemann Walter, Brittney Weidemann Suzanne, Susanne Weidemann W, Walter Weidemann to Walter Weidemann ; 1/28/2014. $185,461

5424 West Ave., Theresa Corasaniti M, Ust Theresa M Corasaniti Living Tr , Ust Corasaniti Theresa M Living Tr to Edward Cooper J, Philomena Cooper M; 1/28/2014. $350,000

1153 West Ave Unit B, Stephen Sorantino R, Debra Sorantino J to Ricci Randanella A, Jennifer Randanella L; 1/29/2014. $350,000

2744 Bay Ave., Charles Groux J, Nancy Groux G to David Macdonald M, Mary Macdonald A; 1/29/2014. $220,500


5 Spruce Ct, John Germanio James to Brad Shoop , Mary Shoop Josephine; 1/28/2014. $150,000

470 Dennisville/Petersburg Road, Todd Manganello A, Kathleen Manganello M, Kathleen Harron M to William Wentz J, Kelly Wentz Marie Richman; 1/29/2014. $325,000

17 Roosevelt Blvd, Deborah Patterson , Larry Balic , Darlene Creager to griffin Dompierre Llc ; 1/29/2014. $250,000


209 Ave N, Alan Gould I, John Moke J, Jeannine Moke , Eileen Moke M to Ronald Grzywna S, Suzanne Grzywna M; 1/29/2014. $230,000


3401 Susquehanna Ave Unit A, Tony Singleton , Nancy Singleton to James Schuhl ; 1/29/2014. $223,000

4309 Mediterranean Ave., fannie Mae , Federal National Mortgage Assn , Servicelink , Chicago Title Insurance Co to peffjam Llc ; 1/30/2014. $100,000

326 West Glenwood Ave., James Mc Garrigle , Diana Mc Garrigle , Michael Tomaszewski J, Alice Tomaszewski to Michael Tomaszewski J, Alice Tomaszewski ; 1/31/2014. $110,000


300 East Syracuse Ave Unit 203, Benjamin Clark Joseph, Mary Rosenello to Vincent Di Rocco A; 1/27/2014. $142,000


6203 Park Blvd, Justin Henery , Lesley Henery Gilotti to Richard Mitchell H, Jaqueline Mitchell ; 1/31/2014. $299,000

Cumberland County


129 South Ave., Stewart, Roberta to Thompson-Albert, Rebecca; 01/29/2014. $25,000


187 Davis Mill Road, Durham, Allen M Jr to Davenport, Stephen; 01/31/2014. $125,000


55-57 Mary Elmer Dr 31, Oss, Nancy C By Atty to Burton, Pamela J; 01/29/2014. $125,000


4549 Route 47, Bennett, Tiffany F to Edwards, Robert; 01/31/2014. $123,500


2413 Shelburn Road, Wren, Robert J Jr to Federal National Mortgage, Assoc; 01/27/2014. $130,976

21 W Foundry St., Federal National Mortgage, Assoc Atty to Harvey, Edward T; 01/28/2014. $40,000

500 N 2nd St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Corp By Atty to Lynch, Natacha Pierre; 01/30/2014. $18,900


549 & 533 Irving Ave 2701, Horton, Olaf H Est By Exec to Weise, Brian; 01/29/2014. $193,000


2662 Medina St., Porter, Donald E to Milbourne, Marlin L; 01/30/2014. $270,000

2940 Hance Bridge Rd 6901, Bui, Loi Ind Atty to Kanakis, Kristina; 01/30/2014. $150,000

771 Cypress Drive, Winkler, Alberta A to Lopez, Fernando; 01/30/2014. $162,000

691 Cypress Drive, Lopez, Fernando to Ney, James P; 01/30/2014. $235,000

Ocean County


1 W 11th St., Shaqfeh Patricia A, Shaqfeh Khalil A, Shaqfeh Kal to Panacek Ernest F Jr, Panacek Kristine; 1/27/2014. $276,000

1507 Seaview Ave., Spang Thomas C, Spang Aletha S to Reichbach James, Healy Elizabeth A; 1/30/2014. $999,000


12 Catalina Ave., Police And Firemen’s Retirement System Board Of Trustees, New Jersey Housing &Amp; Mortgage Finance Agency to Strevell Ruthellen; 1/30/2014. $275,000

15 Mutineer Ave., Russo Joseph to Walters Development Co Llc; 1/27/2014. $20,000

130 Spruce N, Paolino Elissa, Paolino Elissa Quesada to Afroz Roksana, Rahman Alaminur; 1/28/2014. $225,000

98 Nautilus Drive, Walters Edward M Jr, Walters Development Co Llc, Regan Timothy M to Mbah Chitoo, Mbah Kenneth; 1/29/2014. $244,892

28 Moonlight Drive, Bhl Inc, Paramount Homes At Forest Hills Llc, Paramount Homes At Wall Llc, Castellar Properties Inc to Martens William, Martens Doreen; 1/29/2014. $354,772

12 Moonlight Drive, Paramount Homes At Forest Hills, Paramount Homes At Wall Llc, Castellar Properties Inc, Bhl Us Inc to Wysocki Arlene; 1/30/2014. $354,918

34 Deck St., Arthur-Grossman Dawn D, Arthur Saundra, Arthur Thomas E to Rodriguez Jose, Anglero Jennifer; 1/30/2014. $176,500

34 Bayside Ave., Plevrites Victor, Demato Michael to Demato Michael J; 1/30/2014. $120,000

16 Beechwood Court, Gianni Carmello, Gianni Carmen, Gianni Robert to Pidgeon Dennis W, Pidgeon Catherine A; 1/31/2014. $135,000


110 Laurel Hill Lane, Hendrickson Noreen C, Hendrickson Harold to Fearick James, Fearick Barbara J; 1/28/2014. $362,500


106 Sea Bright Road, Phelan Hallinan & Diamond, Federal National Mortgage Association to Holzer Richard; 1/29/2014. $108,000

1230 Edgemere Ave., Stiffler Cynthia, Stiffler Thad S to Tsialikas Stamatios; 1/30/2014. $100,000

1106 Egret Court, Steinhilber Eugene J Jr, Steinhilber John D, Walters Jane S to Steinhilber John D; 1/30/2014. $266,666

1833 Serpentine Place, Semerproperties Llc, Semer David to Lynch Robert P; 1/31/2014. $149,000


12 Patricia Lane, Gs Realty Corp to Dunn Gladys S, Dunn Justin P; 1/27/2014. $267,000

130 East Schuylkill Road, Holobowski Anthony, Holobowski Lorraine to Fatto Bruce R, Fatto Tracey L; 1/30/2014. $310,000

24 Chatham Road, K Hovnanian At Little Egg Harbor Township Ii Llc to Louzon Elizabeth, Louzon Theodore J; 1/27/2014. $275,000

2 Sherwood Drive, Lawlor Sheila F to Grippen Maureen A; 1/27/2014. $185,000

24 Ship Drive, Reimel Ronald D, Reimel Helen L to Acosta Marcelo, Acosta Karina; 1/28/2014. $83,000

1053 Radio Road, Buker Robert L to Bittel John R Jr; 1/29/2014. $65,000

71 Lake Superior Drive, Doherty Donna A Caufield to Bittel John R Jr; 1/29/2014. $50,000

301 Newport Way, K Hovnanian At Little Egg Harbor Township Ii Llc, Hovnanian K At Little Egg Harbor Township Ii Llc to Saunderson Corinne A; 1/29/2014. $357,788

36 Mirror Lake Drive, Quattro Christine P, Quattro Arthur to Mauro Jeffrey; 1/29/2014. $167,000

28 Westchester Drive, Simonetti Michael J to Caravano Katherine Marie; 1/30/2014. $130,750

121 East Delaware Drive, Lyon Alan D Jr, Meggiolaro Susan to Hunt Sharon L; 1/30/2014. $67,500

257 Frog Pond Road, Kostiuk Garry to Lane Raymond E; 1/30/2014. $213,000

121 Lake Placid Drive, Pesh Maya, Pesh Larry to Kilmurray Brian; 1/30/2014. $131,500

16 West Boat Drive, Casler Sharon K, Casler George A to Steele Mary F; 1/30/2014. $82,500

121 South Forecastle Drive, Losavio Catherine, Eick Richard, Eick Jane, Lucas Katherine to Nunziato Mark, Taylor Jennifer; 1/30/2014. $80,000

20 Hillcrest Lane, Bremer Michael R to Ehrenkranz Kristin, Ehrenkranz Peter; 1/31/2014. $256,000


12 East Florida Ave., Gheduzzi Mark A, Gheduzzi Elizabeth J to Duran Giovanni, Duran Lorraine; 1/27/2014. $631,750

9 W Inlet Road, Lutz Thomas G, Lutz Jeanmarie to Sneyers Linda A, Mahoney Kenneth R; 1/31/2014. $490,000

12005 Long Beach Blvd, Anderson Marie C, Anderson Allan G to Taa Property Llc; 1/31/2014. $700,000


106 W 26th St., Mingucci Dorothy, Mingucci Albert, Mingucci Gilbert J to Desarc Development Llc; 1/28/2014. $243,000


109 Autumn Oak Boulevard, Zennario Lori, Devane William R to Grace Terrick, Grace Julie A; 1/27/2014. $300,000

292 Jennings Road, Russo Heather Ann, Kaplan Tracy Lee, Hiller Lisa Lynn to Muskus Caryn; 1/27/2014. $297,000

500 Lighthouse Drive, Temme Joseph, Temme Grace L, Geary Patricia R to North Shore Homes Llc; 1/28/2014. $35,000

496 Lighthouse Drive, Temme Grace L, Geary Patricia R to North Shore Homes Llc; 1/28/2014. $35,000

156 Mizzen Ave., Alegre Christopher to Parker Norma Robin; 1/29/2014. $171,000

224 Elm Ave., Schenck Elizabeth Ann, Bolton Joan A to Patri Thomas J; 1/29/2014. $189,100

369 Yeoman Road, Lo Voi Josephine, Lo Voi Jack S to Keil Craig R, Keil Linda J; 1/30/2014. $300,000

1290 Jennifer Lane, Simoes Samuel, Simoes Kristine, Simoes Grace to Girgenti Sarah A; 1/30/2014. $456,500

73 Honeysuckel Drive, Christensen Roger to Costanza Deborah W; 1/30/2014. $326,500

6b Magnolia Road, Barsony Marguerite, Wardlow Mary T, Wardlow James A to Warren Dorothy H, Warren Patricia; 1/31/2014. $76,000


375 N 5th St., Ferrara Ann W, Woodruff George to Hartnett Nancy, Hartnett Kevin; 1/29/2014. $510,000


366 Shore Way, Astoria Federal Savings & Loan Association to Miller’s Xx-Ing Llc; 1/29/2014. $99,900

7 Anglers Road, Clerico Augustine, Clerico Grace R to Zaun Jason, Zaun Melissa; 1/27/2014. $89,000

345 Main St., Felman Investments, Manners Richard to Demarco Family Dental Llc; 1/27/2014. $139,000

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