Atlantic County


1100 Plaza Place, Wilbur Francis J, Marienski Cynthia to Escarge James M; 1/27/2014. $159,900

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712 Oakhurst Ave., Elbertson Eleanor E, Elbertson Joseph H, Danz Dena L, Oberman Lori L to Rizzo Anthony, Rizzo Hannah; 1/28/2014. $65,000


3817 Ventnor Ave., Bayview Loan Serv Llc to Krantz Samuel; 1/30/2014. $46,000

4505 Boardwalk Unit A, Needleman George, Needleman Roberta to Albert Steven, Albert Alexis; 1/31/2014. $200,750

908 Keener Ave., 908 Keener Llc, Nine 0 Eight Keener Llc, Nine Hundred Eight Keener Llc to Forman Jerry, Forman Alysia; 1/31/2014. $36,500

37 S Iowa Ave., Lee Rita A to Tse Chuen Tai; 1/31/2014. $25,000


140 8th St South, Quinlan Timothy J P, Andros Teresa J, Quinlan Jane C to N Conti Inc; 1/27/2014. $175,000

104 11th St North, Esposto Frank V, Esposto Teresa , Vannice Lori to Gerber Norman H, Gerber Sandra L; 1/30/2014. $145,000

713 Lafayette Blvd, M&T Bank to Cantwell James; 1/30/2014. $140,000

38 Heald Road, Kullman Marie Lynn, Frost Elaine, Laffey Francis J, Laffey Joseph to Slizofski Morgan Miles, Slizofski Allison Shea; 1/30/2014. $225,000

713 W Shore Drive, Barba Vilma, Barba Roco to Stabinski Robert; 1/31/2014. $195,000

35 Heald Road, Marinelli Barbara F, Marinelli William J to Jeansonne Jesse, Jeansonne Kasey; 1/31/2014. $100,000


6517 Mill Road, Bartles Daniel, Bartles Deva to Plummer William G, Evert Plummer Debra, Plummer Debra Evert, Evert John A; 1/27/2014. $207,000

145 Longport Blvd C35, Maguire Aloysius J to Barcelles Nancy; 1/27/2014. $35,000


708 S 6th Ave., Mahowsky John, Ji Euna to Ji Euna; 1/27/2014. $97,000

614 S New York Road, Greater New Jersey Annual Conference Of The United Methodist Chu to Redeemed Christian Church Of God; 1/27/2014. $60,000

26 Garfield Ave., Coia Suzanne J to Watts James C; 1/27/2014. $186,000

538 E Jimmie Leeds Road, Cox James to Reece Edward J, Reece Karen; 1/30/2014. $335,000


7 Rembrandt Way, Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes to Chen Qi Y; 1/27/2014. $226,431

2 Rembrandt Way, Nvr Inc, Ryan Homes to Barker Frederick H, Barker Doreasa R; 1/27/2014. $269,172

6177 Laurel St., Schaulfer Arthur R, Schaulfer Mary to Gaines Billie; 1/30/2014. $164,000


129 N White Horse Pike, Bellevue Properties Dev Group 129 N White Horse Pike Llc, Bellevue Properties Dev Llc, Mortellite Family Ptnrshp, Mortellite George A to Marus Properties Llc; 1/29/2014. $450,000

416 N 2nd St., Benedetto Warren M, Benedetto Rocco A to Mcdowell Kevin R, Young Brent; 1/30/2014. $175,900


1801 West Ave., Vasser Jeffrey S, Steedman Vasser Angela, Vasser Angela Steedman to Riis Steven J, Riis Stephanie A; 1/27/2014. $435,000

401 W Joseph Ave., Ballias Konstantinos, Ballias Sofia to Mendelsohn Armand D; 1/30/2014. $171,000


209 N 33rd Ave., Scott Thomas L, Scott Joanne F, Thomas L Scott Tr, Joanne F Scott Tr to 209 33rd Ave Llc, Two O Nine 33rd Ave Llc; 1/28/2014. $500,000

111 S 28th St., Dugan Joseph, Dugan Lorraine to Feret Diane, Randi Osbornes Qualified Personal Residence Tr; 1/30/2014. $999,999

111 S 28th St., Dugan Joseph, Dugan Lorraine to Feret Diane, Cheryl Mcmenamins Qualified Personal Residence Tr, Mcmenamin Cheryl; 1/30/2014. $999,999

111 S 28th St., Dugan Joseph, Dugan Lorraine to Feret Diane, Kimberly Mcinerneys Qualified Personal Residence Tr; 1/30/2014. $999,999


7 North Mansfield Ave., Messina Robert J, Gunter Rosemary T to Sopinsky Brian I, Sopinsky Lisette; 1/30/2014. $750,000


15 Cove Ave., Ocean City Home Bk to Bates Wesley; 1/27/2014. $85,000

1634 New Road, Northfield Real Estate Corp to L&B Realty Llc; 1/27/2014. $765,000

810 Second St., Boor Brown Barbara A, Brown Barbara A Boor, Brown Barbara to Spencer Anne Marie; 1/30/2014. $128,000


713 Cresson Ave., Hill Edith to Spicer James, Spicer Deborah; 1/30/2014. $150,000


416 Shore Road, Karrer Robert N, Karrer Elizabeth A to Brown Gregory; 1/27/2014. $360,000


5007 Ventnor Ave., Millionaire Mom Ii Llc, Brufke Wenger Julie, Wenger Julie Brufke to Bucknam Michelle L; 1/29/2014. $85,000

6 S Baton Rouge Ave., Tinel Ulku to Parisotto Cindy; 1/30/2014. $375,000

4 N Newport Ave., Bowie Susan, Fleurov Ellen to Snyder Brian, Snyder Victoria; 1/31/2014. $112,000

209 N Washington Ave., Moore Bertha C, Greenberg Leslie, Moore Samuel to Hymson Frank, Hymson Robin; 1/31/2014. $212,000

Cape May County


252 E Atlantic Ave., Scott Peter D to Elizabeth Bratsberg A; 1/27/2014. $98,500

1304 Washington Ave., David Singley , Diana Singley Mary to William Stollsteimer F, Jean Stollsteimer G; 1/27/2014. $154,000

13 Village Road, Glenn Reagan A, Luann Reagan T to Robert Franke M, Ashley Franke ; 1/27/2014. $162,000

116 Shadeland Ave., Karilyn Banks A, Karilyn Mc Carthy A to James Iapalucci ; 1/27/2014. $85,500

212 Matthews Ave., Marcello Mogavero , Claudio Pawlus to Kevin Rooney , Patricia Rooney A; 1/28/2014. $112,250

116 W Hudson Ave., Pamela Kirby L to Theresa Fleshman M; 1/28/2014. $112,000

220 Roseann Ave., Robert Kuberski , Harriet Kuberski to Clifford Ivans J, Gail Ivans E; 1/29/2014. $173,000

306 Beechwood Ave., Christopher Jamison J, Richard Jamison , Angela Rodriguez to Sean Mc Gonigal B, Margaretha Mc Gonigal L; 1/30/2014. $180,000

212 Broadway, Wendy Faircloth , Grady Faircloth W to Wendy Faircloth ; 1/30/2014. $99,500


824 Goshen Road, Audrey Johnson C, Cristin Clarke , Brodie Johnson , Hollis Johnson to Denise Young E; 1/27/2014. $180,000

18 Paula Lane, Pasquale Conte J, Elizabeth Conte E to Garrett Thompson J, Destiny Brimfield D; 1/28/2014. $125,000

100 Roosevelt Blvd, Barbara Richards A to Frederick Patrizi ; 1/29/2014. $124,000

30 Seagrove Ave., P Casaba Real Estate Holding Cor to nvr Inc , Ryan Homes ; 1/29/2014. $90,000

6 North Main St., Louis Rodia A, Louis Rodia M, Ines Rodia B to johns Paradise Llc ; 1/31/2014. $180,000


304 Surf Avenue Unit 2, Susan Kantor to Steven Romasko E, Morgan Tweed E; 1/27/2014. $125,000

109 Seaview Court, Michael Morris , Michael Morris R, Debra Morris , Deborah Morris , D Morris , Jeffrey Smith , Donna Smith , Donna Smith L to Stefanie Emanuel ; 1/28/2014. $170,000

116 W 17th Ave., Joseph Talley F to mom Investments Llc ; 1/28/2014. $245,000

91 Illinois Avenue Unit B, James D’Amico P, Randi D’Amico C to Brian Collins S; 1/31/2014. $215,000


456 West Ave 1st Fl, Vincent Viney S, Kimberly Viney A to Ronald Wolf I; 1/27/2014. $329,900

415 West Surf Road, Brandon Weidemann Walter, Brittney Weidemann Suzanne, Susanne Weidemann W, Walter Weidemann to Walter Weidemann ; 1/28/2014. $185,461

5424 West Ave., Theresa Corasaniti M, Ust Theresa M Corasaniti Living Tr , Ust Corasaniti Theresa M Living Tr to Edward Cooper J, Philomena Cooper M; 1/28/2014. $350,000

1153 West Ave Unit B, Stephen Sorantino R, Debra Sorantino J to Ricci Randanella A, Jennifer Randanella L; 1/29/2014. $350,000

2744 Bay Ave., Charles Groux J, Nancy Groux G to David Macdonald M, Mary Macdonald A; 1/29/2014. $220,500


5 Spruce Ct, John Germanio James to Brad Shoop , Mary Shoop Josephine; 1/28/2014. $150,000

470 Dennisville/Petersburg Road, Todd Manganello A, Kathleen Manganello M, Kathleen Harron M to William Wentz J, Kelly Wentz Marie Richman; 1/29/2014. $325,000

17 Roosevelt Blvd, Deborah Patterson , Larry Balic , Darlene Creager to griffin Dompierre Llc ; 1/29/2014. $250,000


209 Ave N, Alan Gould I, John Moke J, Jeannine Moke , Eileen Moke M to Ronald Grzywna S, Suzanne Grzywna M; 1/29/2014. $230,000


3401 Susquehanna Ave Unit A, Tony Singleton , Nancy Singleton to James Schuhl ; 1/29/2014. $223,000

4309 Mediterranean Ave., fannie Mae , Federal National Mortgage Assn , Servicelink , Chicago Title Insurance Co to peffjam Llc ; 1/30/2014. $100,000

326 West Glenwood Ave., James Mc Garrigle , Diana Mc Garrigle , Michael Tomaszewski J, Alice Tomaszewski to Michael Tomaszewski J, Alice Tomaszewski ; 1/31/2014. $110,000


300 East Syracuse Ave Unit 203, Benjamin Clark Joseph, Mary Rosenello to Vincent Di Rocco A; 1/27/2014. $142,000


6203 Park Blvd, Justin Henery , Lesley Henery Gilotti to Richard Mitchell H, Jaqueline Mitchell ; 1/31/2014. $299,000

Cumberland County


129 South Ave., Stewart, Roberta to Thompson-Albert, Rebecca; 01/29/2014. $25,000


187 Davis Mill Road, Durham, Allen M Jr to Davenport, Stephen; 01/31/2014. $125,000


55-57 Mary Elmer Dr 31, Oss, Nancy C By Atty to Burton, Pamela J; 01/29/2014. $125,000


4549 Route 47, Bennett, Tiffany F to Edwards, Robert; 01/31/2014. $123,500


2413 Shelburn Road, Wren, Robert J Jr to Federal National Mortgage, Assoc; 01/27/2014. $130,976

21 W Foundry St., Federal National Mortgage, Assoc Atty to Harvey, Edward T; 01/28/2014. $40,000

500 N 2nd St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Corp By Atty to Lynch, Natacha Pierre; 01/30/2014. $18,900


549 & 533 Irving Ave 2701, Horton, Olaf H Est By Exec to Weise, Brian; 01/29/2014. $193,000


2662 Medina St., Porter, Donald E to Milbourne, Marlin L; 01/30/2014. $270,000

2940 Hance Bridge Rd 6901, Bui, Loi Ind Atty to Kanakis, Kristina; 01/30/2014. $150,000

771 Cypress Drive, Winkler, Alberta A to Lopez, Fernando; 01/30/2014. $162,000

691 Cypress Drive, Lopez, Fernando to Ney, James P; 01/30/2014. $235,000

Ocean County


1 W 11th St., Shaqfeh Patricia A, Shaqfeh Khalil A, Shaqfeh Kal to Panacek Ernest F Jr, Panacek Kristine; 1/27/2014. $276,000

1507 Seaview Ave., Spang Thomas C, Spang Aletha S to Reichbach James, Healy Elizabeth A; 1/30/2014. $999,000


12 Catalina Ave., Police And Firemen’s Retirement System Board Of Trustees, New Jersey Housing &Amp; Mortgage Finance Agency to Strevell Ruthellen; 1/30/2014. $275,000

15 Mutineer Ave., Russo Joseph to Walters Development Co Llc; 1/27/2014. $20,000

130 Spruce N, Paolino Elissa, Paolino Elissa Quesada to Afroz Roksana, Rahman Alaminur; 1/28/2014. $225,000

98 Nautilus Drive, Walters Edward M Jr, Walters Development Co Llc, Regan Timothy M to Mbah Chitoo, Mbah Kenneth; 1/29/2014. $244,892

28 Moonlight Drive, Bhl Inc, Paramount Homes At Forest Hills Llc, Paramount Homes At Wall Llc, Castellar Properties Inc to Martens William, Martens Doreen; 1/29/2014. $354,772

12 Moonlight Drive, Paramount Homes At Forest Hills, Paramount Homes At Wall Llc, Castellar Properties Inc, Bhl Us Inc to Wysocki Arlene; 1/30/2014. $354,918

34 Deck St., Arthur-Grossman Dawn D, Arthur Saundra, Arthur Thomas E to Rodriguez Jose, Anglero Jennifer; 1/30/2014. $176,500

34 Bayside Ave., Plevrites Victor, Demato Michael to Demato Michael J; 1/30/2014. $120,000

16 Beechwood Court, Gianni Carmello, Gianni Carmen, Gianni Robert to Pidgeon Dennis W, Pidgeon Catherine A; 1/31/2014. $135,000


110 Laurel Hill Lane, Hendrickson Noreen C, Hendrickson Harold to Fearick James, Fearick Barbara J; 1/28/2014. $362,500


106 Sea Bright Road, Phelan Hallinan & Diamond, Federal National Mortgage Association to Holzer Richard; 1/29/2014. $108,000

1230 Edgemere Ave., Stiffler Cynthia, Stiffler Thad S to Tsialikas Stamatios; 1/30/2014. $100,000

1106 Egret Court, Steinhilber Eugene J Jr, Steinhilber John D, Walters Jane S to Steinhilber John D; 1/30/2014. $266,666

1833 Serpentine Place, Semerproperties Llc, Semer David to Lynch Robert P; 1/31/2014. $149,000


12 Patricia Lane, Gs Realty Corp to Dunn Gladys S, Dunn Justin P; 1/27/2014. $267,000

130 East Schuylkill Road, Holobowski Anthony, Holobowski Lorraine to Fatto Bruce R, Fatto Tracey L; 1/30/2014. $310,000

24 Chatham Road, K Hovnanian At Little Egg Harbor Township Ii Llc to Louzon Elizabeth, Louzon Theodore J; 1/27/2014. $275,000

2 Sherwood Drive, Lawlor Sheila F to Grippen Maureen A; 1/27/2014. $185,000

24 Ship Drive, Reimel Ronald D, Reimel Helen L to Acosta Marcelo, Acosta Karina; 1/28/2014. $83,000

1053 Radio Road, Buker Robert L to Bittel John R Jr; 1/29/2014. $65,000

71 Lake Superior Drive, Doherty Donna A Caufield to Bittel John R Jr; 1/29/2014. $50,000

301 Newport Way, K Hovnanian At Little Egg Harbor Township Ii Llc, Hovnanian K At Little Egg Harbor Township Ii Llc to Saunderson Corinne A; 1/29/2014. $357,788

36 Mirror Lake Drive, Quattro Christine P, Quattro Arthur to Mauro Jeffrey; 1/29/2014. $167,000

28 Westchester Drive, Simonetti Michael J to Caravano Katherine Marie; 1/30/2014. $130,750

121 East Delaware Drive, Lyon Alan D Jr, Meggiolaro Susan to Hunt Sharon L; 1/30/2014. $67,500

257 Frog Pond Road, Kostiuk Garry to Lane Raymond E; 1/30/2014. $213,000

121 Lake Placid Drive, Pesh Maya, Pesh Larry to Kilmurray Brian; 1/30/2014. $131,500

16 West Boat Drive, Casler Sharon K, Casler George A to Steele Mary F; 1/30/2014. $82,500

121 South Forecastle Drive, Losavio Catherine, Eick Richard, Eick Jane, Lucas Katherine to Nunziato Mark, Taylor Jennifer; 1/30/2014. $80,000

20 Hillcrest Lane, Bremer Michael R to Ehrenkranz Kristin, Ehrenkranz Peter; 1/31/2014. $256,000


12 East Florida Ave., Gheduzzi Mark A, Gheduzzi Elizabeth J to Duran Giovanni, Duran Lorraine; 1/27/2014. $631,750

9 W Inlet Road, Lutz Thomas G, Lutz Jeanmarie to Sneyers Linda A, Mahoney Kenneth R; 1/31/2014. $490,000

12005 Long Beach Blvd, Anderson Marie C, Anderson Allan G to Taa Property Llc; 1/31/2014. $700,000


106 W 26th St., Mingucci Dorothy, Mingucci Albert, Mingucci Gilbert J to Desarc Development Llc; 1/28/2014. $243,000


109 Autumn Oak Boulevard, Zennario Lori, Devane William R to Grace Terrick, Grace Julie A; 1/27/2014. $300,000

292 Jennings Road, Russo Heather Ann, Kaplan Tracy Lee, Hiller Lisa Lynn to Muskus Caryn; 1/27/2014. $297,000

500 Lighthouse Drive, Temme Joseph, Temme Grace L, Geary Patricia R to North Shore Homes Llc; 1/28/2014. $35,000

496 Lighthouse Drive, Temme Grace L, Geary Patricia R to North Shore Homes Llc; 1/28/2014. $35,000

156 Mizzen Ave., Alegre Christopher to Parker Norma Robin; 1/29/2014. $171,000

224 Elm Ave., Schenck Elizabeth Ann, Bolton Joan A to Patri Thomas J; 1/29/2014. $189,100

369 Yeoman Road, Lo Voi Josephine, Lo Voi Jack S to Keil Craig R, Keil Linda J; 1/30/2014. $300,000

1290 Jennifer Lane, Simoes Samuel, Simoes Kristine, Simoes Grace to Girgenti Sarah A; 1/30/2014. $456,500

73 Honeysuckel Drive, Christensen Roger to Costanza Deborah W; 1/30/2014. $326,500

6b Magnolia Road, Barsony Marguerite, Wardlow Mary T, Wardlow James A to Warren Dorothy H, Warren Patricia; 1/31/2014. $76,000


375 N 5th St., Ferrara Ann W, Woodruff George to Hartnett Nancy, Hartnett Kevin; 1/29/2014. $510,000


366 Shore Way, Astoria Federal Savings & Loan Association to Miller’s Xx-Ing Llc; 1/29/2014. $99,900

7 Anglers Road, Clerico Augustine, Clerico Grace R to Zaun Jason, Zaun Melissa; 1/27/2014. $89,000

345 Main St., Felman Investments, Manners Richard to Demarco Family Dental Llc; 1/27/2014. $139,000

More than 30 years’ experience reporting and editing for newspapers and magazines in Illinois, Colorado, Texas and New Jersey and 1985 winner of the Texas Daily Newspaper Association’s John Murphy Award for copy editing.

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