The water ices over at Viking Village on Long Beach Island.


Wednesday is looking like the first moderate- temperature day, compared to the recent week, leading up to a high of 34 and low of 20.

A system driving up the Southeast coast will cause snowy conditions throughout the overnight hours into Thursday morning. The snow will continue throughout the day Thursday, tapering off by the evening hours.

When using salt to cover sidewalks, steps and driveways, be sure to get salt for cold temperatures. With snow on its way and the overnight lows plummeting to the teens and single digits this week, salt will be a necessity. Evidently, not all salt works below 20 degrees. It is imperative for safety to purchase salt capable of withstanding temperatures in the teens and below.

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Heaviest precipitation will be in the southeastern states. Then, this storm will transfer its energy to the New England area, which will see the brunt of the system.

For our region, the system in place Thursday has a west to east gradient. This means snowfall totals will be lesser in the western portions of South Jersey and greater along the coast.

South Jersey is in a location of moderate snowfall and appears to be spared from the maximum intensity.

Areas around and east of the Garden State Parkway will receive 3 to 6 inches of snow, while areas around and west of the parkway will receive 2 to 4 inches of snow.

Winds will be very strong throughout the day Thursday.

Additionally, Thursday morning will create a minor flood stage during the morning high tide. This coastal flooding is due to a shift in winds from the southeast to the northeast.

Nearby roadways to bodies of water will experience areas of overwash Thursday morning.

Finishing out this week will bring frigid weather again that is bitter and biting.

Friday will be cold and windy with a high of 18 and a low of 5.

Saturday is identical to Friday, with teens for the day and low single digits for the night.

Sunday delivers much needed change with a small spike in the day to a high of 29. Though, still pretty chilly!

Monday and Tuesday significantly rise temperatures to the 40s during the day. Finally, releasing us from the unwaveringly cold grip for now.

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