Meteorologist Dan Skeldon

Press of Atlantic City meteorologist Dan Skeldon

DAN SKELDON, Press meteorologist

In a perfect world, the nicest weather in any seven-day forecast falls on the weekend, especially a holiday weekend.

And for at least this week, South Jersey will achieve weather perfection as unseasonably warm sunshine makes for a summery Easter Sunday across the area.

If you care to extend your weekend by a day, Monday is looking equally as suntastic.

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Unless the warmth overperforms by about 5 degrees, no record highs are likely to fall Sunday. The number to beat for April 16 at Atlantic City International Airport is 89 degrees, set in 2002. While I think most mainland communities will surge as high as the mid 80s Sunday afternoon, the record is likely just out of reach.

What about the beaches and boardwalks? As is usually the case in the spring, it’s all about the wind. A wind from the south or east is a cool wind that originates off the still-chill 50-degree ocean. A west wind comes off the land and brings the warmth right down to the shore.

For Easter, our wind is from the southwest, which means mixed results. That wind direction should keep the immediate coast from reaching 85 degrees, but I’m thinking there’s enough of a land component to the wind to allow most shore locales to climb well into the 70s. If the wind backs to the west just a bit more, 80 is not out of the question even along the shore.

We’ll keep the sunshine Monday, with a northwest wind spelling mid 70s for all, shore and mainland alike. As winds shift from the east by Tuesday, an ocean breeze will mean cooler temperatures for everyone, although we’ll hold onto the sun and associated blue skies.

Rain chances finally increase later in the week, with parts of Wednesday and Thursday looking wet, though probably not washouts. Cooler temperatures prevail later in the forecast as well.

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