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It's spring! Signs of warming are encouraging this week

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It’s official, South Jersey: As of 6:28 Monday morning, with the arrival of the vernal equinox, spring has begun, and will be with us for the next 93 days.

The first day of spring may be trumped only by the first day of summer for anticipation — or perhaps Memorial Day weekend, as that unofficially kicks off the summer season at the shore.

In case you’re counting down to the latter, there are 69 days to go.

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For those into the fine art of egg-balancing, the equinox is the big day, or so the rumor goes. Because the equinox represents equal day and night — thanks to the earth’s tilt relative to the sun — it is believed an egg can be perfectly balanced on its end on the first days of spring and autumn.

While egg-balancing can indeed be done on the equinox, it can in reality be achieved any day of the year, with the right egg and plenty of patience. A little salt helps, too, although that might be cheating.

Mother Nature certainly has cheated us out of the early spring we so happily enjoyed in February. Yes, some meteorological March madness of sorts has left things chilly and breezy much of this month so far, but maybe with a new season will come a new weather pattern.

There are certainly some encouraging signs of warmer weather this week.

The signs aren’t all positive, as spring usually consists of a series of taking two steps forward and an occasional step back temperature-wise.

That’s just what we will have this week, with a pair of seasonably mild and dry days to start the week and the spring season, followed by a pair of cooler and brisk days for Wednesday and Thursday. Outside of a brief shower late Monday night or Tuesday night, the week looks largely dry with a fair amount of sunshine each day, despite the fluctuation in temperatures.

The most encouraging signs of warmth arrive late in the forecast toward next weekend, when temperatures may soar into the 60s for the first time in more than two weeks.

That sure sounds like good egg-balancing weather, doesn’t it?

For a look at what types of upcoming weather the spring and summer may offer, like floods, tornadoes, and severe storms, visit the Press Weather Center for the latest on South Jersey severe weather, safety, and preparedness.

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Here is Your South Jersey Forecast

FRIDAY► Clouds, some sun, and a few scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially the first half of the day. Warm, breezy, and humid with highs in the low to mid 80. Brisk southwest winds around 10-20mph and gusty.

FRIDAY NIGHT► Mostly cloudy, warm, and muggy with showers and thunderstorms redeveloping, especially late at night.  Lows in the low to mid 70s with a southwest wind around 10-15mph.

SATURDAY► Cloudy with showers and thunderstorms early in the morning, then drying as skies become mostly sunny. Warm with highs in mid to upper 80s with west winds around 10-15mph. The day will start humid, then humidity levels come down later in the day.

SUNDAY► Mostly sunny, dry, and pleasant with highs in the mid 80s. West winds around 10mph.

MONDAY► Mostly sunny, comfortable, and an overall nice day with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s.

TUESDAY► Partly sunny with a brief passing shower possible, but most of the day will be dry. Cool for late June however with highs in the mid to upper 70s. (our average high for this time of year is 84-85°)

WEDNESDAY► Mostly sunny and pleasant with highs around 80.

THURSDAY► Mostly sunny and a bit warmer with highs around 80-85.