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Children's Health

Defend the derma: Protect your skin from summer hazards

Like a plant in spring, we like to shed our winter-heavy clothes and do our best to absorb the sun.

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Tips to prevent your children from getting car sick

Packing up the kids for a road trip can be difficult. Making sure they are stocked with things to do to keep them occupied can be a tough battle on its own. If car sickness, a common type of motion sickness, is thrown into the equation, road trips can be even more of a struggle.

Posted: June 20, 2016
Surfers ride Ocean City waves to support programs for autism

Put on a swimsuit, grab a board and head out into the ocean waves this weekend to support local programs for special needs children.

Posted: June 10, 2016
Keeping your kids healthy at school

In the early school years, your child's immune system is put to the test. Young children in large groups can easily spread organisms that cause illness.

Posted: April 04, 2016
What you need to know about lead poisoning

The recent news about high lead levels in the Flint, Michigan, water supply has raised concerns about lead poisoning in general.

Posted: March 28, 2016
Youth diabetes event Sunday in Margate

Cape Regional Medical Center is bringing families, children and teens together Sunday for an off-site diabetic support group event.

Posted: February 18, 2016
Waking up to benefits of baby sleep coaches

Four years ago, I was one of the many frantic new moms emailing Janeen Hayward, a professional baby sleep consultant, in the middle of the night.

Posted: December 07, 2015
BMI index may miss 25 percent of kids who are obese

ROCHESTER, Minn. - Physicians using body mass index, or BMI, to diagnose children as obese may be missing 25 percent of kids who have excess body fat despite a normal BMI, which can be a serious concern for long-term health, according to a Mayo Clinic study published online recently in Pediatric Obesity.

Posted: November 23, 2015
South Jersey families recall anxiety when having preterm babies

Everything was moving along normally for Cara and Bruce Garrison during their first pregnancy. They were excited and counting down the weeks until they would meet their baby girl.

Posted: November 16, 2015
Cutting sugar from kids' diets appears to have beneficial effect within days

American kids consume an insane amount of sugar - often double or triple the federal recommended dietary guidelines - and these empty calories are often blamed for everything from obesity to hyperactivity in the schools. What happens when we take it away?

Posted: November 02, 2015
Help for back-to-school separation anxiety, fears and stress

Getting ready for a new school year can be exciting for children, parents and caregivers. It also may be a major cause of anxiety or stress. Whether kids are heading off to elementary school, high school or college, leaving the safety and familiarity of home can prompt feelings of fear.

Updated: October 07, 2015 - 10:05 pm
Neurosurgeon studies whether cord blood can help infants who have suffered strokes

Dr. James Baumgart-ner, a pediatric neurosurgeon at Florida Hospital, is trying to see if the stem cells in cord blood can help babies who have a stroke around the time of birth.

Posted: August 31, 2015
Know warning signs of bullying

For many children, the start of a new school year can be very stressful, especially if they've been victims of bullying in the past.

Posted: August 31, 2015
Possible problem giving obese teens vitamin D

ROCHESTER, Minn. - Dosing obese teens with vitamin D shows no benefits for their heart health or diabetes risk, and could have the unintended consequences of increasing cholesterol and fat-storing triglycerides. These are the latest findings in a series of Mayo Clinic studies in childhood obesity.

Posted: August 24, 2015
South Jersey moms promote breastfeeding from the start

On Christmas Day, Sarah Cowan, of Cape May Court House, got a present in the form of her newborn baby boy, Harry IV.

Posted: August 09, 2015
No need to be overly worried about your picky eater

There's one in every crowd: The picky eater. The one who makes sure one food doesn't touch another, who blanches at the sight of anything green.

Posted: July 20, 2015
Poor diet and obesity bring adult diseases to children

Once seen only among an older population, adult diseases such as fatty liver disease, hypertension and osteoporosis are being diagnosed more and more in children. And you can add to that sleep apnea, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels. The culprits? Unhealthy diets and growing waistlines, experts say.

Updated: November 12, 2015 - 1:47 pm
Babies learn from unexpected, research finds

BALTIMORE - Want to make your baby smarter?

Posted: May 04, 2015
Atlantic County moms work through pregnancies, manage stress right

There are plenty of things to worry about when you're pregnant. Now you can add one more: Is your work environment hurting your unborn child?

Posted: April 27, 2015

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