Trainer: Shawn E. Darling, Gladiator Boxing Gym in Forked River

Exercise: Calisthenics and plyometrics on the monster tire

Muscles targeted: Chest, triceps and legs

Equipment: Monster tire

Sets/reps: 1 set/

5 to 20 reps

In push-up position, place your feet on a monster tire. Do 20 pushups. Facing the tire, jump up on the tire with both feet 20 times. Place hands on the tire with legs bent at the knee (beginner level) or straight out (advanced level) in front of you. Move a few inches away from the tire. While bending your elbows, lower your body within a few inches of the ground and back up performing a tricep dip 20 times. Repeat the sequence of exercises with 15 repetitions each, then 10 repetitions, then 5 repetitions.