Trainer: Kerry Lorick, Greate Bay Racquet & Fitness Club in Somers Point

Exercise: Traveling lunge with kettlebell round the world

Muscles targeted: Lower and upper body

Equipment: Kettlebell or dumbbell (beginner: 4 to 15 pounds; advanced: 35 to 44 pounds)

Reps/sets: 8 reps (per side)/2 sets

Hold a kettlebell (or dumbbell) in both hands at stomach height about 4 inches from the body. Step forward with your right foot into a forward lunge. For a few seconds, hold the leg position at the bottom of the lunge, with your back knee about 6 inches off the floor. While in lunge position, rotate the kettlebell to the right from the stomach, around the right shoulder, behind the head, around the left shoulder to the stomach again. Stand back up, balancing on the right leg for a few seconds then repeat on the left side.